Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4107

Fei Hao Yang said approvingly, “Yun Fei, it’s still you! After you said that, I’m really f*cking enlightened!”

Qiao Feiyun said with a smile, “You’re welcome, Master Fei. I’m just a little smart, I’m no match for you.”

Fei Hao Yang laughed and asked, “If Gu Qiuyi agrees to attend the charity dinner, how should we proceed?”

Qiao Feiyun said, “This is much simpler, after Gu Qiuyi arrives, we can arrange for her to go to the lounge first, when the lounge is as close to the window as possible, there is also a ventilation pipe, I arranged some trained armed personnel to ambush her in advance, when she enters the lounge, directly use LSD to knock her down, and then take her away through the window or ventilation pipe, unnoticed;”

“If the police come to investigate, you can just ask questions and say that it might be a long-standing conspiracy, and let the police investigate the rest!”

I will have someone leave some evidence and clues to interfere with the police, disguise this as an ordinary kidnapping for ransom, and then offer a huge ransom to Gu Qiuyi’s family, so that no one will suspect you, because after all, the Fei family has much more a*sets than the Gu family, and no one will believe that you would kidnap Gu Qiuyi to demand ransom.”

The ransom money will be paid out to the Gu family, but if we don’t get it, it doesn’t matter, I’ll leave a good backhand, so that if they fail, they’ll be dead and won’t leave any clues for the police.”

“In this way, we get the money after tearing the ticket, is the normal operation of the robbers; can not get the money to tear the ticket, is also the normal operation of the robbers; at that time, Gu Qiuyi may have destroyed the body, it is impossible for anyone to find her in this life, this case will inevitably become an unsolved case, even if the attention of people for decades, but still an unsolved case. ”

Fei Hao Yang couldn’t help but laugh: “Wonderful! This way, Gu Qiuyi will disappear forever, leaving the police with such an unsolved kidnapping case that can never be solved, which might be discussed by internet users worldwide for decades, and even be listed as one of the top ten unsolved cases of the 21st century, it’s fun to think about!”

After saying that, Fei Hao Yang remembered something and added, “Right Feiyun, what if she doesn’t take the bait for the charity dinner, what will happen then?”

Qiao Feiyun was busy saying, “Young Master Fei, there are definitely many kinds of plans to be made, this is just one of them, if Gu Qiuyi doesn’t take the bait, then we definitely have other alternative plans, it’s just that I don’t have a good idea of other plans yet, and I’m afraid that all other plans will be very difficult to execute.”

Speaking of this, Qiao Feiyun added: “There are only a few opportunities suitable for us to strike, one is to do it on the road, and one is to do it in the hotel;”

“If we do it on the road, we will make the most noise, and considering that she must have quite a few security personnel accompanying her, it will definitely lead to a gun battle, and we will need to be equipped with at least a large number of automatic weapons in order to succeed, which should be much more difficult than robbing a money transport truck;”

“If we do it at the hotel, we’ll have to do it quietly, preferably under the noses of the security personnel and unnoticed to get rid of the people ……”

Speaking of this, Qiao Feiyun smacked his lips and said, “It’s just that this kind of thing requires too much skill …… It seems that ordinary people can’t do it ……”

Fei Hao Yang frowned slightly and asked, “Should we try the Japanese ninja? They seem to be the best at stealing chickens and dogs!”