Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4102

In that case, when Gu Qiuyi arrived in New York, it might not be time to close the net on her own.

In that case, Gu Qiuyi would be in some danger.

So, Ye Chen hurriedly asked her, “Nui Nui, can you still push back the time of your performance a bit? It would be better to wait for half a month before going to New York.”

“No way brother Ye Chen.” Gu Qiuyi explained, “The performance time has already been set, and the organisers in the United States have already started producing promotional materials and even started the pre-sale of concert tickets, so it is definitely not possible to change the time at will.”

The first time I saw you, I asked, “Brother Ye Chen, do you not want to see me? Or is it inconvenient to see me on your side? I can continue to disguise myself as your feng shui reading client, even if you still do the same as last time and bring her along to my concert, I won’t be exposed ……”

Ye Chen hurriedly explained, “That’s not what I meant …… I just heard that that place in New York is not very peaceful ……”

Gu Qiuyi heard this explanation and said with a smile, “Aiya, brother Ye Chen, you are a bit worrying, although it is true that the security in the United States is not very good, but my overall trip this time is in public, and it is a more economically developed, more stable security area activities, in addition there is a security team in the United States, there is certainly no danger, you can rest a*sured! !”

Seeing this, Ye Chen knew that it would be difficult for him to make Gu Qiuyi’s entire tour plan reshuffle based on a couple of words, so he could only accept this reality and instructed, “Nui Nui, then you must remember to tell me in advance before you leave for America, and don’t give me any surprises, only then can I be completely at ease, got it?”

Without thinking, Gu Qiuyi said, “I know brother Ye Chen, don’t worry! When my departure date is set, I’ll tell you first!”

“Good ……”

Only after Ye Chen instructed Gu Qiuyi again and again did he end the call between the two of them.

And the first thing he did after hanging up the phone was to immediately call Wan Breaking Jun.

As soon as the call came through, he asked, “Broken Jun, have you arrived in New York yet?”

Wan Bajun respectfully said, “Back to Mr. Ye, my subordinate’s plane has just landed at New York’s jfk airport.”

Ye Chen asked again, “Where is that Qiao Feiyun?”

Wan Bajun said, “Back to Mr. Ye, Qiao Feiyun’s plane landed two hours earlier than mine.”

Saying that, Wan Bajun said with shame, “Sorry Mr Ye, after I knew that Qiao Feiyun had gone to New York, I pulled off a few female warriors from Providence to urgently go to the New York airport to keep watch, intending to follow Qiao Feiyun to see where he was going and who he was meeting after landing, but my men never saw Qiao Feiyun leave the airport.”

Ye Chen frowned and asked, “It’s not likely that he hasn’t left the airport in two hours, is it?”

Wan Bajun said, “My subordinate also thinks it’s unlikely, so my subordinate thinks that it’s not that Qiao Feiyun didn’t leave the airport, but that we lost him so it’s likely that he didn’t leave the airport through normal channels.”

Ye Chen asked him, “You mean that someone picked him up directly from inside the airport?”

“Yes!” Wan Breaking Jun explained, “There are very many capital privileges over here in the United States, it is normal to drive directly into the airport to pick up people, or even to fly a helicopter directly into the airport to pick up people, if Qiao Feiyun had left the airport in one of these two ways, it would indeed be very difficult for my people to detect, especially since the manpower would have been insufficient, and the pa*senger flow at jkf airport is just too big …… ”

said, wan broken army shame: “Mr. Ye, subordinate this matter did not do a good job, also please blame you! But you do not worry, subordinates have already started to New York to mobilize troops, as long as Qiao Feiyun dare to show up, will definitely find him out!”