Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4101

“New York?!” Ye Chen was instantly surprised beyond belief.

He had heard that that Qiao Feiyun had also escaped to New York before he took off, but how could he have imagined that Gu Qiuyi would also be coming to New York?

So, he asked with concern, “Nui Nui, wasn’t your itinerary set long ago? Why did you make such a drastic change at the last minute?”

Gu Qiuyi smiled cheekily and said, “I know you are in Providence, which is very close to New York, right?”

Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “How did you know?”

“I asked someone else!” Gu Qiuyi said, “I asked around with Mr. Chen from Buckingham Palace, and he said that you went to America to accompany your studies.”

As she said that, Gu Qiuyi mumbled in mock anger, “I originally wanted to go to Jinling to see you and give you a surprise, so I called to ask Mr. Chen to cooperate, only to find out that you are no longer in Jinling.” Brother Ye Chen, why didn’t you tell me that you were going to America?”

Ye Chen said awkwardly, “I was afraid of delaying your business, besides, I didn’t come to America for fun, I was accompanying your sister-in-law to school.”

Gu Qiuyi was busy saying, “Ugh ugh ugh, don’t say that, I never admitted that was my sister-in-law at any time, in fact I don’t admit that anyone is my sister-in-law, I only admit that I am my own sister-in-law!”

Ye Chen gave a helpless light sigh and said, “Fine, fine, it’s my fault, I should have told you before I left, it won’t happen again, okay?”

“That’s more like it.” Gu Qiuyi was then satisfied, humming twice and muttering, “I’ll forgive you this time!”

Ye Chen rubbed the bridge of his nose and asked after him, “Nui Nui, you still haven’t told me why you suddenly changed your performance plan?”

Without thinking, Gu Qiuyi said, “Of course it’s for you! I heard that you’re going to be in Providence for a month, so I specially placed my first two concerts in New York and Boston, New York is more than two hundred kilometres away from you, and Boston is even closer, only a hundred kilometres at most, so you’ll have to come to the first two stops of my tour to cheer me on!”

Ye Chen didn’t expect that Gu Qiuyi’s temporary change in her travel plans was for herself, and he couldn’t help but be a little touched in his heart.

So, he asked, “Nui Nui, when is your first concert? In New York or Boston?”

Gu Qiuyi said, “The first stop is definitely New York, after all, it is the biggest city in the United States, and after New York comes Boston.”

Saying that, Gu Qiuyi added, “As for the time, the New York stop is two weeks later on the fifteenth, and the Boston stop is on the seventeenth.”

Ye Chen did not expect the time to be so fast, so he asked, “Then when are you coming to America?”

Gu Qiuyi said, “I’ve been preparing for it in the past two days, I’ll probably go there as soon as I finish my work here, the departure time will probably be in a week, ten days at the latest, because the repertoire, choreography and equipment of the North American tour are all unified, and the latter venues are scheduled to be rather confusing, so I need to reserve more time for live debugging and rehearsals before the first leg starts, so that the whole set of I had to set aside more time to do the set-up and rehearsals before the start of the first leg, so that the whole set of flow standards could be set properly and the performance later on could be easier.”

According to Gu Qiuyi, she would fly to America within 7 to 10 days, and would definitely go to New York first, which made Ye Chen’s heart a little worried.

Because, once he thought that that Qiao Feiyun had already gone to New York, Ye Chen’s intuition told him that Qiao Feiyun either had a lot of a*sociates or a lot of clients in New York.

Therefore, when he was on the plane, he was thinking that he must weave an absolute net in New York, so that he could take Qiao Feiyun, as well as his superiors and subordinates, from the big fish to the small shrimps, all together.

Since he was going to weave such a large net, it would naturally take some time to prepare, so the net would not be closed too soon.