Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4089

DiNorscio, that is Claudia’s father.

No one had expected that he, who had once been a very popular figure, would be resented by the families of the group’s members at a time like this.

The families at the scene, already red-eyed, were only this time not sad, but excited.

Five million dollars a person, this amount of money, no matter if it was placed in any country in the world, would be a fortune that the vast majority of people would not be able to earn in a lifetime, or even several lifetimes.

Such a large sum of money made it difficult for every family member in the audience to control the ecstasy deep within their hearts.

If it were in any other industry, it would be difficult for all of the thousands of family members to be 100% bought off by money, but in the world of gangs, these relatives were somehow prepared for the tragic death of their family member the moment he went to join a gang.

Moreover, the gang job itself has a high mortality rate, and every now and then there is always a tragic death of an acquaintance, so there is a little more numbness.

That’s why everyone is so desensitised to the deaths of their relatives.

Now, the US$5 million compensation was not only enough to appease each and every one of them, but also to completely offset the grief in their hearts, so that each and every one of them could accept the offer with joy and without hesitation.

So, amidst all the cheering, a simple consensus was reached: get the money and keep your mouth shut.

Moreover, many people were already calculating to leave Canada.

The only reason they had left Europe and Sicily to make a living in Canada was to escape poverty, and now they had been able to return home with a lot of cash.

Old Godfather Ryan, while helping the group with the statistics and listening to them chatting excitedly to each other about what they intended to do back in Sicily, couldn’t help but exclaim: “Beautiful Sicily …… My homeland …… With hundreds more families with millions of dollars in a*sets all of a sudden, the prices there must be soaring rapidly, right?”

He couldn’t help weeping even at the thought of it.

If all these people went back to Sicily to live a rich life, what would happen to his own future?

Was he going to be left alone in a retirement home in Vancouver for the rest of his life?

In the past, I had the help of my sons’ brothers, but now all of them have disappeared.

He was left alone, with no one else to turn to in his life.

Thinking of this, he looked at the joyful faces of the group before him and suddenly felt a great sense of injustice in his heart.

“I have lost five sons, but what have I got in return? A man languishing in a nursing home?!”

“On what grounds?!”

“Why should my fate be so miserable, while these people, on the other hand, can gleefully wait for five million dollars, or even more, to arrive?!”

“Moreover, this money, I have fought for them with my wisdom, with my ability!”

“It’s not fair!”

Thinking of this, he suddenly felt that the faces of these fellow countrymen and women before him, who also came from Sicily, had at once become repulsive.

He clenched his fist, hesitated, but picked up the microphone and said coldly, “Gentlemen, I believe there is one thing that we should be able to agree on, and that is, without me, you would not have been able to receive such a generous compensation at all, would you?!”

All at once, the crowd stopped and looked up at the old godfather, not knowing what he wanted to say.

However, some sensitive people had already realised what was going on and were talking to each other from below, “D*mn, this old man isn’t going to want some favours, is he?”

Immediately, someone whispered in agreement, “This old b*****d, what does he need favours for when his family is all dead? I won’t give him a penny of this money!”

Someone else said with some sympathy, “Hey, the old godfather is really quite pitiful, if this money comes in, I am personally willing to give five hundred dollars to support him.”

“Five hundred?” Someone mocked, “Francisco, you’re too stingy, you’re only giving five hundred dollars, I’d give a thousand! If I were to say so, why don’t we all give the old godfather a thousand dollars after we get the compensation, that way the old professor will get almost eight hundred thousand dollars, enough for his retirement alone.”

“A thousand?!” The man who said he wouldn’t give a penny said in a cold voice, “In that case, he’ll get $800,000 just for moving his lips! Why? My son’s life is only worth five million dollars!”

As the crowd argued over this, the old godfather gritted his teeth and blurted out, “If none of you say anything, then I’ll take it as a tacit agreement that since I helped you win such a large amount of compensation, you should at least take 10% of your compensation as a reward for me! As you all know, even if you go to a lawyer for a lawsuit, the lawyer’s draw will not be less than 30%!”

This statement prompted a wave of curses.

“F*ck you old b*****d, you’re the only one who wants 10% of our compensation?!”

“Yeah, give you the face to call you an old godfather, if not, you’re a f*cking widowed old man, asking you to help is giving you face, you really think you’re some kind of godfather?”