Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4084

The a*sistant hurriedly said, “Eldest Master, judging from the words carved into the third young master’s forehead, the murderer is probably Chinese!”

Qiao Feiyun nodded with an incomparably gloomy expression and said through clenched teeth, “The other party is not only Chinese, they should also know quite a few of our secrets ……”

Speaking of this, Qiao Feiyun immediately said, “That’s right! Feiyu was there to pick up the goods from the Italians yesterday, ask that bunch of Italians for me what really happened last night!”

Hearing this, the a*sistant immediately said, “I’ll go and contact them right now!”

With that, he took out his mobile phone and went out of the room.

Qiao Feiyun also slowed down a little, and said under his breath with gritted teeth, “Don’t worry, Feiyu, big brother will definitely find out who’s behind this and then take revenge on him for what happened to you, a hundred times, a thousand times! If I don’t avenge this for you, big brother vows not to be a man!”

Soon, the a*sistant walked back with a panicked face.

He came in front of Qiao Feiyun and swallowed nervously as he spoke, “Eldest Master …… The situation …… Something is wrong with the situation ……”

Qiao Feiyun asked in a cold voice, “Say what you have to say! Don’t f*cking stammer!”

The a*sistant said in a panic: “I heard that that Italian group in Vancouver, all eight hundred people disappeared overnight, and no one knows where they went, many of them, were taken away from their homes last night under anesthesia, just like the way they kidnap young women ……”


Qiao Feiyun, who had just vowed to avenge his brother, heard this and his whole back went cold!

Over eight hundred people all disappeared overnight?!

If this was also the work of the man behind the curtain who killed his brother, then the strength of this man behind the curtain was unbelievably strong!

Even if he had sent all his men to fight these Italians, he might not have been able to wipe out over 800 of them, let alone have all 800 of them vanish overnight!

Is this a f*cking human being?

Qiao Feiyun wiped a handful of cold sweat from his forehead and said incredulously, “Who could be so powerful that over 800 people disappeared overnight and didn’t leave any clues?”

The a*sistant shook his head and said, “Right now the relatives of this Italian group are gathering at the church and discussing solutions, the lives of over eight hundred people are unknown, their group was almost completely wiped out, only some old and weak women and children are left ……”

Said the a*sistant and added, “I heard from one of their more respected old men that several thousand families are now panicking and making noise about calling the police ……”

“Call the police?!” Qiao Feiyun’s eyes went black and without thinking, he said loudly, “Absolutely not let them call the police!!!”

Qiao Feiyun knew very well that the disappearance of over eight hundred people in one night, once stirred up to the police, would be the most appalling ma*s disappearance case since the founding of Canada.

Once the media caught wind of it, it would instantly make all the headlines around the world.

In that case, with the world’s attention, the Canadian police would not even be worthy of investigating the case and the Canadian National Security Service would immediately take over and do their best to solve the case.

It doesn’t matter whether they can find out who is behind it or not.

What matters is that once they start investigating, there is no guarantee that they will not find out who is behind it.

With all eyes on them, if the investigation comes to me, then my unseen activities will probably be exposed to the sun.

In that case, not only would I be unlucky, but also those VIPs would be even more unlucky.

At that time, these VIPs would definitely strip themselves alive in order to relieve their hatred!

Thinking of this, Qiao Feiyun could not care less about grieving for his brother’s tragic death, he said to his a*sistant in a panic: “Quick! Tell the Italians that if there is no news of the missing 800 people within three days, they will each receive a million dollars, and if it is confirmed that they are dead, an additional one million dollars, the only condition is that they cannot go to the police! Absolutely no police! Even if the police get word and go to them to investigate, they have to say that the people are not missing, they have just gone back home to Sicily!”