Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4082

The Qiao family’s search speedboat finally made a discovery.

They found a dozen floating bodies and some wreckage of the yacht in the tumbling waves.

And among those bodies was Qiao Feiyu.

When Qiao Feiyu was found, his entire lower body was in the water, with his head and shoulders exposed, because he was wearing a bulging life jacket.

He gave the impression of being a fishing fish float, rising and falling in the sea with the waves, and even if he was temporarily swept into the water by the waves, he would soon resurface due to buoyancy.

When his body was retrieved and brought aboard, everyone was completely shocked by the sight before them.

Qiao Feiyu had died a horrible death.

His yellow-dyed and textured haircut clung to his forehead, just above the glaring eyes.

Qiao’s men found that not only was Qiao Feiyu dead, but he had multiple gunshot wounds all over his body.

There were marks of gunshot wounds on both legs and in the middle of both legs.

The Qiao family men who rescued him, took off his life jacket, only to find that he had actually been shot in the heart as well.

It appeared that he had been shot in the heart and killed, and then thrown into the sea with his life jacket on.

At this moment, one of the Qiao family men pointed at Qiao Feiyu’s forehead that was blocked by his hair and blurted out, “Look guys …… Third Young Master’s forehead …… There seems to be writing on it!”

“There are words?!” The man who fished Qiao Feiyu out exclaimed, and subconsciously went to sweep away the bangs on Qiao Feiyu’s forehead.

The eight big, bloody characters on his forehead scared him to the core!

These eight big words were the words that Ye Chen had asked Wan Bajun to leave behind: “He deserved to die!

When the head of the rescue team saw this scene, he was terrified. After a few moments of calming down, he hurriedly picked up the satellite phone and called Qiao Feiyun, who was still anxiously waiting for news in Seattle.

Qiao Feiyun had given orders long ago that any rescue team that found a clue must report directly to him immediately.

The call was quickly answered and Qiao Feiyun asked, “Who is it?”

The person in charge said respectfully, “Hello, Young Master, this is Luo Yu who is in charge of searching for the third young master, I have found ……”

Qiao Feiyun gave a slight pause at the other end of the phone, his breathing instantly became rapid and his tone was somewhat agitated, “What discovery, tell me quickly!”

Luo Yu hesitated for a moment and spoke, “We found the bodies of the third young master and part of the rest of the crew twelve nautical miles east of the coordinate point ……”

Qiao Feiyun on the other end of the phone suddenly stuttered in his heart!

Although he had already vaguely guessed that his third brother was afraid that he had met with an untimely death, the actual arrival of the exact news still made it a little difficult for him to accept.

His whole body trembled uncontrollably, and his upper and lower teeth even clashed and made a clacking sound due to the trembling.

A moment later, Qiao Feiyun’s expression was incomparably gloomy as he gritted his teeth and asked, “Take a picture of him and send it to me!”

Luo Yu busily said, “Eldest Young Master, Third Young Master he …… He ……”

Qiao Feiyun shouted angrily, “He what! If you have something to say, say it!”

Luo Yu plucked up his courage and stammered, “Back to the Eldest Young Master …… Third Young Master he …… He …… He looks …… It’s really …… It’s so tragic …… You must be mentally prepared for this ……”

Qiao Feiyun’s heart tightened, and only after a long time did he brace himself and say, “I’m prepared, send it to me immediately!”