Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4076

               Ye Chen gently placed his finger on Auntie Li’s pulse, and with a little spiritual qi, he sensed that Auntie Li’s overall health was as healthy as that of a healthy person, and the two kidneys were in very good condition.

                However, under the perception of the aura, he could vaguely feel some subtle rejection between his body and the two kidneys, which seemed to be the rejection of the transplanted organs, but this rejection was very mild and should be the effect of the anti-rejection medicine.

                Ye Chen originally wanted to give Auntie Li a rejuvenation pill, but, on second thought, it would be somewhat abrupt to take out the rejuvenation pill now, and the violent effect of the rejuvenation pill would give Auntie Li and the others a bigger shock.

                Moreover, for someone like Auntie Li, who had never known about the Spring Return Pill, the shock would probably take her a long time to digest.

                What’s more, Auntie Li’s overall health is relatively healthy now, unlike when Gu Yanzhong was terminally ill, so there is no need to rush to use a strong medicine.

                Besides, Ye Chen did not want to take out the Spring Return Pill and make Auntie Li feel that she owed herself a huge favour, so he planned to use a method that would be silent.

                So, Ye Chen temporarily transferred more spiritual qi into Auntie Li’s body first, allowing it to fill up her organs.

                Ordinary people do not have aura, nor have they mastered the cultivation method, so their natural absorption of aura is very weak, and this aura in Auntie Li’s body will be able to play a very good slow-release role, will continuously protect and nourish Auntie Li’s body, and will be effective for at least three to five years.

                During these three to five years, Auntie Li’s physical condition would become better and better, and her person would become younger and younger, and the overall medicinal effect would actually be no worse than that of the Spring Return Pill.

                But in this way, it is the same as delaying the medicinal effects of the Spring Return Pill, which would have been released within five minutes, to a slow release over a period of three to five years.

                In this way, neither the person concerned, nor the other people around him, would feel too obviously, but would only feel as if the person was living younger and younger.

                After all this, Ye Chen smiled faintly and said: “Auntie Li, your body is indeed recovering very well, but I have a suggestion, you don’t need to take the anti-rejection medicine in the future, your body is different from other people’s bodies, your body is very well matched with the transplanted kidney, if you take the anti-rejection medicine for a long time it will have long-term effects on your body instead, I suggest that you start from tonight Stop the medication first, and observe if your body feels better after stopping it, if so, then stop it completely.”

                Auntie Li was convinced by Ye Chen’s words and said without hesitation, “OK! Then, starting tonight, stop the medicine and try it out!”

                Ye Chen smiled faintly and nodded gently.

                The slow-release effect of the aura had already started, only for a short period of time, Auntie Li would not feel anything obvious, but if she slept, that feeling would definitely be much more obvious.

                That was why Ye Chen had deliberately asked her to stop the medicine, so that she would mistakenly think that her body had become better because she had stopped taking the medicine.

                As for the original rejection reaction between the kidneys and the body, it had completely disappeared under the effect of the aura, so naturally, there was no need to take this medicine anymore.

                In this way, Ye Chen believed that Auntie Li would not take the credit for her body getting better and better in the future, and this would not make her feel too much indebted to herself, all in one fell swoop!

                After doing this, Ye Chen suddenly noticed that Claudia, who was eighteen years old, was standing alone with a somewhat downcast expression.

                Ye Chen then opened his mouth and said to her, “Claudia, when the time comes, why don’t you come along to Jinling too!”