Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4065

To Wan Bajun and the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, the only thing that was holding them back earlier was the speed of the other party’s yacht, which far exceeded that of the cargo ship. Even though they were all martial arts masters, they had no chance of close combat and they could only watch the other party escape.

                But now, the other yacht had lost power, and the gang was at the mercy of others.

                After receiving his orders, Wan Bajun immediately used the intercom to order, “Turn on all the horsepower, hit the stern of the yacht at ninety degrees, others get ready for battle!”

                The cargo ship immediately adjusted its direction and rammed directly into the stern of the yacht!

                The people on the yacht could see what the freighter was up to and were terrified.

                The yacht had already lost power and was at the mercy of the other side.

                The team leader shouted at once, “Quick! Everyone get ready for collision prevention!”

                Some of the soldiers, who were still trying to raise their guns to fire when they saw the freighter crashing over, heard the team leader’s reminder and hurriedly grabbed the fences on both sides of the deck with both hands.

                The way the other side hit the stern of the ship at ninety degrees, they knew without thinking that the yacht would be thrown far out in the sea, and if they couldn’t hold on, they would probably be thrown into the sea!

                A few moments later, the freighter slammed into the yacht’s still-burning stern, instantly sending the yacht’s stern into a semi-circle in the sea.

                The young master, protected by many people, barely managed to survive the impact, but he was thrown so badly that he couldn’t even stand up.

                The crew had just lifted the lifeboats from below deck when they were suddenly hit so hard that the right-hand lifeboat was thrown into the sea, but as the steel cable was still suspended from the hull, the boat was thrown out and hit hard on the right-hand side of the yacht.

                The lifeboat on the other left was thrown directly onto the deck, instantly breaking the hull.

                With this, both lifeboats were completely scrapped.

                The group had no chance to escape.

                The moment the collision was over, Wan Bajun gave an order, and ten soldiers from the Dragon Palace jumped from the cargo ship to the deck of the yacht with their guns, followed by the sound of gunfire!

                All the generals of the Dragon Palace were martial arts masters and had undergone rigorous military training, so they stood firmly on the deck like a bell on a violently shaking hull, raising their guns and firing almost unaffected.

                So all the bodyguards with guns were shot in the head in a matter of seconds!

                The team leader, who had just pointed his gun at Wan Bajun, the next second, Wan Bajun had instantly killed him with great speed and grabbed him by the neck.

                That team leader was terrified and said with great difficulty, “You …… are a martial arts master?!”

                Wan Bajun nodded and smiled, “You’re not bad either, you look like you’re about to break through to a three-star martial artist.”

                The leader of that group was shocked and quickly said, “Senior, you are so strong, why do you want to serve a lowly Italian group?”

                Wan Bajun laughed, “Who told you that I was serving the Italian group? My boss is far more powerful than me, a mere Italian group is just cannon fodder.”

                Saying that, Wan Bajun looked at him with interest and asked, “On the contrary, if you are a person of martial arts, why are you helping the enemy by following these trash who sell people?”

                When that team leader heard this, he immediately lowered his eyelids in shame.

                As the person in charge of this ship, he had indeed not been involved in such unconscionable things on a regular basis. Originally, he thought that his proprietor had a background and a backing, and he had nothing to worry about, but to his surprise, retribution had come at his word.

                Wan Bajun looked at him coldly, then fiercely punched him fiercely at his dantian, and instantly, the powerful internal force shattered his dantian to pieces, and all his cultivation instantly went up in smoke and became a ruined man.