Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4050

So, the moment she followed Wan Bajun in, she clenched her fists so tightly that her nails dug into her flesh, and looked at Guo Lei in anger, asking in a loud voice, “Guo Lei! When you had no way out, my parents took you in and gave you a way out, why did you harm them?”

Seeing Claudia come out, Guo Lei said in a panic, “Claudia …… I …… was confused …… it was all because of that b*****d Andrei that lured me into doing this, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to do such a thing ……”

Andrei instantly roared, “Guo Lei! You son of a b*tch b*****d is still trying to frame me! You were the one who approached me and offered to kill the family in return for giving you the second-in-command position after I took over as the boss, and it was all your own idea! You killed them too! I had nothing to do with it!”

When Guo Lei saw that Andre was biting at him, he cursed, “f*ck, why did you agree to my offer in the first place? Wasn’t it because you wanted him dead yourself?”

At this time, Ye Chen looked at Guo Lei and said coldly, “Guo Lei, you two should stop dog-eating dog here, I just want to know now, you just said that you were forced to do so, how exactly were you forced to do so.”

Guo Lei could only say with a sniffle, “Mr. Ye, I’ve been in Canada for quite a long time, but that brother-in-law of mine, I don’t know what’s wrong with him, just let me work as a sh*tty driver, but he won’t let me touch anything else …… Even though my sister has made it clear for me, he won’t budge ……”

“I obviously have the ability to help him run the group better, but he just won’t give me a chance …… I …… am wanted in the country and have to stay in Canada for the rest of my life, as long as he is still alive, I have no chance to move up, I am only thirty years old, I can’t just be mediocre for the rest of my life ……”

Claudia suddenly questioned angrily, “Just because my father didn’t give you a chance to move up, you killed my parents and my two brothers?!”

Guo Lei was so weak from Claudia’s stare, but he said stiffly, “I couldn’t help it! Your father forced me to do it! From the day I came to Canada, I was willing to work for him as an ox and a horse! But if he would have given me a chance to move up the ladder, I wouldn’t have killed him!”

Claudia was shaking with anger, then she turned to face Ye Chen and choked up, “Mr. Ye …… please give me a chance to kill him with my own hands and avenge my dead parents and two brothers ……”

Ye Chen nodded and asked, “How do you want to kill him?”

Claudia looked up at Ye Chen and said word by word, “Mr. Ye …… I …… want to burn him with my own hands! Otherwise, it’s really not enough to repay the blood feud of my parents and two younger brothers!”

Ye Chen seriously asked, “Are you sure you want to do this? Don’t be impulsive and leave an indelible demon in your future!”

Claudia said firmly, “I’m sure! In front of a blood feud, there is no heart demon that cannot be overcome!”

Seeing her resolute expression, Ye Chen gently nodded and said, “If you have already made up your mind, then I will make it up to you.”

After saying that, he looked at Wan Bajun and said, “Bajun, pick a place, make the necessary preparations, and let Claudia send him on his way.”

Wan Bajun said respectfully, “Yes, Mr. Ye, all the cargo holds on the ship are empty, I will choose one to send him on his way!”

When Guo Lei heard this, he was scared out of his wits and shouted, “Mr. Ye, spare my life, Mr. Ye! I beg you to spare my life, I will definitely follow your lead from now on!”

When you killed Claudia’s family of four, you should have thought that there would be a day when you would return the favour with a tit for tat.

After saying that, he said to Wan Breaking Jun, “Take him to the cargo warehouse!”

When Guo Lei heard this, he immediately bared his teeth and roared, “Surnamed Ye! You want my f*cking life, believe it or not I’ll let Li Xiaofen die without a burial place!”

Although he was not sure whether the men he had sent had succeeded in kidnapping Li Xiaofen or not, this was the only straw he had left to save his life!