Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4047

Andrei’s sudden roar made all the members of the Italian group stand aghast.

                Someone stared at Guo Lei and asked in a stern voice, “Is what Andrei said true?”

                “Of course not!” Guo Lei’s voice was shivering as he shouted, then pointed at Andrei and accused him loudly, “Andrei, don’t you think that Mr. Ye has violated your interests by making me the boss of the group? You see that you are losing your power, so you made up this kind of lie to frame me and make me out to be a shameless villain so that Mr. Ye would be disappointed in me, but Mr. Ye knows what he is doing, how could he fall for your trick!”

                Hearing this, the corner of Ye Chen’s mouth wiped over a strange smile, then looked at Andrei and said with a cold face, “Andrei, this tactic of yours is really a bit too despicable! In my opinion, this Guo Lei p*ssy, oh no, this Guo Lei kid, is loyal and honest looking, he also speaks very truthfully, and has a Chen Haonan haircut, at a glance, he is very righteous, he doesn’t look like that kind of ungrateful person at all.”

                After saying that, Ye Chen looked at Andre with some disgust and said coldly, “On the contrary, you, with your cross face and that big mouth of stubble, don’t look like any good thing! From my point of view, I’m afraid you’re the one who killed that boss of yours before!”

                Andre didn’t know what Chen Haonan did, but after hearing Ye Chen’s words, he was immediately scared to death.

                He hurriedly fell to his knees and choked up, “Mr. Ye …… what I just said is the truth! He had been dissatisfied with his previous boss, and felt that the salary he was paid was too low and that he had not been nurtured, so he was unwilling to remain the boss’s driver and follower. I have to give him the second-in-command position after sitting in the boss’s position ……”

                When Guo Lei heard this, his face turned a little white, but his mouth was still very strong and he said, “Andrei what are you talking about?! Boss he is my brother-in-law! How could I possibly want to kill him? And even if I really wanted to kill him, I wouldn’t have to kill my sister or my two nephews, would I? It was you who wanted to kill him! You were the one who wanted to kill him! You were the one who wanted to be the boss, and now you’re making up such a lie that will kill you!

                Andre said through gritted teeth, “Guo Lei, you’re really good at acting! Do you think that if I agree to cooperate with you, I won’t leave some evidence in my hand to prevent you from backtracking in the future?!”

                With that, he looked at Ye Chen and begged, “Mr. Ye, I have the recording of that day after the incident in my phone, if you don’t believe me, then I will play it for you to listen to now!”

                Guo Lei was scared out of his mind and also knelt down in front of Ye Chen and said loudly, “Mr. Ye, don’t pay any attention to him, this person is crazy, he deliberately set me up ……”

                At this time, Ye Chen looked at Guo Lei and said with a serious face, “Little Guo, since you are walking straight and doing right, you don’t need to be influenced by such a villain, we are righteous and not afraid of the shadow, since he is framing you, I don’t think he can produce any substantial evidence!”

                Guo Lei was already scared and shivering, and wanted to say something, but Ye Chen didn’t give him a chance and said to Andre directly, “Come on, play your recording for me to listen to.”

                As if he had been pardoned, Andre excitedly took out his mobile phone and was trying to find the recording from it when Guo Lei suddenly went crazy and reached out to grab his phone.