Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4046

Saying that, Guo Lei added, “Everyone should know clearly in their hearts that after the death of the previous boss, Andre claimed that he wanted to bring everyone to make more money, but in fact, everyone’s income has basically remained the same up until now.”

At this point, someone in the crowd chanted, “Our income hasn’t changed, but we’re doing a lot more than we used to!”

“Other than that, just those businesses that the boss didn’t allow to be done before when he was alive, everyone has made a lot of profit for Andrei during this time, but we haven’t received any substantial change in treatment at all!”

“On the contrary, Andre’s own income, however, has rapidly risen over the course of these few months, and he has even been driving a Rolls Royce!”

This speech completely provoked the discontent of these gang members.

Everyone felt that Andre was indeed not a qualified leader and that he must be made to step down immediately.

At this time, Ye Chen looked at the crowd and opened his mouth to ask, “From today onwards, Guo Lei will be your boss, do you have any opinions?”

The crowd looked at each other for a while.

Even if everyone was discontented with Andre, but if they really wanted Guo Lei, a Chinese, to lead them, it was hard for them to accept it in their hearts for a while.

After all, this was an Italian group, and even if not everyone was from Sicily, at least they all had Italian descent in their blood.

If this Italian group were to be led by a Chinese, it would be a laughing stock if word got out.

However, at times like this, although everyone had opinions in their hearts, no one dared to say so in public, because in everyone’s opinion, Guo Lei already had the support of this Mr. Ye.

Although they didn’t know exactly what this Mr. Ye’s origins were, the fact that even the famous Wan Bajun called himself his subordinate in front of him was enough to see that this man must be extremely powerful.

Moreover, Guo Lei had already received his approval, so anyone who stood up against him at this time would definitely be asking for trouble.

Therefore, none of them dared to express any opposition.

When Ye Chen saw this, he looked at Andre and smiled lightly, “Andre, since you have lost everyone’s support, from now on, there is no longer any relationship between you and this Italian group.”

Seeing that he had lost his ma*s base so quickly, Andre naturally had a million resentments in his heart, and he angrily pointed at Guo Lei and said to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye! You mustn’t fall for this villain’s trick! This son of a b*tch, Guo Lei, has been bad to the bone for a long time! The last boss of our group was killed by him! If you keep him around, he will definitely do the same to you in the future!”

When Andrei said this, all the members of the organisation were in an uproar!

They all thought that Claudia’s father had died in a fire, but no one had thought that it was by Guo Lei’s hand!

Guo Lei also panicked and said, “Mr. Ye, don’t listen to his bullsh*t! Our last boss died in a fire, I had nothing to do with it!”

“You’re the one who’s bullsh*tting!” Andre cursed through gritted teeth, “It was you who poisoned the wine and drinks, killing DiNorscio, his wife and two sons! And then you burned them all to the ground! And DiNorscio’s wife was your sister! If she hadn’t taken you in, you’d be dead on the streets of Vancouver, you ungrateful b*****d!”