Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4041

A roar of excitement and ecstasy from André also excited the members of the group behind him.

                The group of people were all fist pumping, waiting to get on board and find out what was going on.

                Andre said with a smile as he held his gun against Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, it’s hard for you to lead the way in front.”

                Ye Chen didn’t say anything, and stepped in.

                Andrei and Guo Lei followed closely behind, while the crowd immediately behind them cheered as they quickly followed and swarmed in.

                The power, control and crew life sections of such a large cargo ship are all at the stern, while the front is full of cargo bays.

                The first thing you enter through this hatch is a steel stairwell that leads down to the engine room and forward to the cargo hold, but these pa*sages have been locked in advance, so you can only go up the stairs once you’ve entered.

                None of the men, including Andrei, were interested in the interior of the ship, they just wanted to get to the top and take control of the bridge first.

                So the men rushed up in a flurry.

                At this moment, there were only a few generals from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall inside the pilot deck, and the leader of them was Wan Breaking Jun.

                As soon as Ye Chen walked up, Wan Bajun opened his mouth and reported, “Mr Ye, we are ready, when do you think we should set sail?”

                “You still want to sail?” Andre beside Ye Chen sneered twice, raised his pistol and pointed it at Wan Bajun’s head, saying coldly, “Tell everyone to stop what they are doing and gather on the deck, if anyone dares to call the police, I will be the first to kill you!”

                Seeing the other party’s gun, Wan Bajun couldn’t help but be a little dumbfounded and sighed to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, I’m not going to lie to you, I can’t remember the last time I had a gun pointed at my head.”

                Andre didn’t expect Wan Bajun to speak to him like that, so he immediately said with a vicious face, “Kid, in Vancouver, don’t speak too loudly, there are hidden dragons and crouching tigers here, a small character like you, who doesn’t know how to die, will not even know how to die if you offend someone here.”

                When Ye Chen heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh twice and said to Wan Bajun, “Bajun, this is the owner of the Italian Group in Vancouver, it is said that he has only one hand in Vancouver, very impressive.”

                “Only his hands cover the sky?” Wan Bajun couldn’t help but laugh, “Mr. Ye, I’m not going to lie to you, although my subordinate doesn’t do business in North America, I still have some knowledge of the situation in Vancouver.”

                Saying that, Wan Bajun looked at Andre with contempt and sneered, “This small place has a total population of less than one million, the words ‘hidden dragon and crouching tiger’, it is far from being able to talk about, at most it can be considered as a mix of fish and dragons;”

                “However, this place is not very populated, but there are a lot of gangs. If it wasn’t for the rise of the Chinese gangs, which beat the Vietnamese gangs into submission, the Italian gangs would have been beaten back to Sicily.”

                “b*****d you’re f*cking looking for death!”

                Wan Bajun’s words instantly enraged all the gang members, including Andre, completely!

                Andre even turned on the hammer of his pistol, with the attitude that if you tell the f*cking truth again, I will finish you off.

                Although they all knew that their gang really didn’t rank in the top three in Vancouver, and they also knew that they didn’t rank in the top five in terms of fighting ability. But such words being said by a boat runner really made them feel doubly insulted.

                Especially that last sentence of Wan Breaking Jun, which poked their soft spot.

                The Italian gangs had indeed been unlucky over the years.

                The reason they used to do well in Canada was entirely because they came early.

                They had come out of Sicily and established themselves in the United States and Canada respectively before Asian immigrants flooded into Vancouver.

                However, after the Vietnam War, a large number of retired and defeated Vietnamese soldiers came to Canada and, with their superior military qualities, soon took their place there.