Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4024

Guo Lei nodded, found a waiter and hurriedly ordered it down.

At this time, Ye Chen at the gambling table casually counted his chips and simply threw in 10,000, smiling and saying, “Tonight, I’m going to kill the banker three times!”

Guo Lei saw that Ye Chen was full of confidence and wanted to take advantage of the situation, so he immediately gave a wink to the dealer.

In this hand, Ye Chen did not have a big hand, and the dealer’s hand was not too big, only one point bigger than Ye Chen’s. So, the dealer took Ye Chen’s hand.

So the dealer took Ye Chen’s hand and paid out the other two.

However, the other two bets were very small, a hundred and a two hundred, so the banker was able to recoup all his previous losses and make a profit on this hand.

In fact, when the dealer was shuffling his cards, Ye Chen could already see the movements in his hands.

These lottery officials, just like He Lian, who had pitted Ma Lan with Qian Hongyan back then, were actually all experts in the art of Chiaroscuro.

And this kind of thing is not a special function, just like a close-up magician, it relies on the speed of the hand, as well as all the special blindfolds and props.

The dealer in front of Ye Chen was himself a master of the art of Chiromancy. When he shuffled the cards, he hid the nine cards he wanted in the position he wanted, and then with his extremely fast hands and specially trained memory, he made the cards in the order he wanted.

However, his hand speed could fool ordinary people, but not Ye Chen.

But Ye Chen didn’t care.

He was here to be the God of Wealth tonight, and he was about to send Guo Lei’s whole gang to Wan Breaking Army in one pot to do hard labour, so in Ye Chen’s opinion, this amount of money was just to pay for his head.

So, he deliberately pretended to be a bit chagrined and said, “D*mn, it’s just a bit short of ah …… I still don’t believe it.”

After saying that, he threw in another 10,000 and said in a loud voice, “Again!”

Guo Lei was in a good mood at this time.

As the saying goes, nine out of ten gamblers are fraudulent, and those who run casinos are the originators of them.

Just like Guo Lei, what he played, was the most common psychological tactic.

First, he let Ye Chen win two hands by a huge margin, giving Ye Chen the illusion that he was very lucky with his cards tonight, and then he used a very small margin to narrowly win a round against Ye Chen and get back all the money Ye Chen had won before, with interest.

He thought that this would make Ye Chen feel resentful and that he would feel that he was just a little bit off this hand and that he would soon win back the next one.

All this made Guo Lei feel that Ye Chen had already fallen into his trap, and that the trap was becoming more and more secure and deeper with the naked eye.

Ye Chen did indeed live up to Guo Lei’s expectations and soon fell deeper and deeper into the pai gow game.

Within half an hour, he had already lost all the 100,000 chips he had exchanged.

Guo Lei saw that Ye Chen had lost his last chip and looked a bit reluctant, so he immediately went forward and said comfortingly, “Mr. Ye’s luck seems to be getting a bit worse this time, why don’t you take a rest and slow down a bit? ”

Ye Chen looked at Guo Lei, smiled slightly, waved his hand and said, “Victory and defeat are commonplace in a soldier’s house, besides, such a small amount of money is not enough to win or lose, at best it is just a fishing bait.”

After saying that, he threw the plastic bag in his hand to Guo Lei and waved his hand, “Go, change all these money into chips for me!”