Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4019

Ye Chen’s arrival made Auntie Li extraordinarily happy.

                She told Li Xiaofen to close the shop early and took Ye Chen, as well as Li Xiaofen and Claudia, to the market to buy ingredients.

                At the market, Auntie Li didn’t forget to buy a copy of any ingredients she saw that she was good at, saying that she had to make a sumptuous dinner to welcome Ye Chen.

                After buying the ingredients with them, Ye Chen got into Li Xiaofen’s car and headed to take Auntie Li’s home in Vancouver.

                After coming to Canada, Li Xiaofen got her driving licence and bought a second-hand Chevrolet sedan to drive Auntie Li and Claudia between home and Chinatown every day.

                Ye Chen did not expect that Li Xiaofen had bought such a second-hand, low-end car and could not help but ask her, “Xiaofen, why don’t you buy a better car?”

                Li Xiaofen said with a smile, “A car is just a means of transportation, there is no need to buy a good one, used cars are cheap, and insurance is also cheap, so you can save a lot of money, and it doesn’t hurt if you cut or anything.

                Ye Chen seriously said, “At least buy a new car too, turn around and brother will send you one.”

                Li Xiaofen said, “Brother Ye Chen, don’t give me a car, I won’t drive it even if you give it to me, you don’t know me well, I grew up in an orphanage, I’m used to being frugal, I don’t have any special pursuit of material things, besides, my life now is much better than when I was in the orphanage, I’m content.”

                She said, smiling cheekily and said, “Maybe I don’t have that life of enjoyment.”

                After hearing this, Ye Chen nodded empathetically.

                In fact, like Li Xiaofen, he did not have any particular pursuit of material things.

                If he was on his own, clothing, food, shelter and transportation were actually not much of a requirement.

                A car is also quite indifferent to him. Strictly speaking, he does not have a car of his own until now, and usually goes out either in Xiao Churan’s car or in Xiao Changkun’s car ……

                As for the cars given to him by others, he is not interested in the slightest.

                Therefore, he is very understanding of Li Xiaofen’s diligence and frugality.

                If a person has little high demand for material things herself, then too good material conditions will, on the contrary, drive her to be at a loss.

                The house that Tang Sihai bought for Auntie Li is not far from Chinatown, the best and most expensive Chinese neighbourhood near Vancouver’s Chinatown.

                It was a very typical North American single-family house. Although the villa only had two floors above ground, it covered a large area with a larger yard and green space in front of the door, giving it a very spacious and comfortable feel.

                This also made Ye Chen sigh, the community where Auntie Li lived had a much larger green area for each household than even his home in Townsend, such was the advantage of the spaciousness of the land and the sparseness of the people.

                The whole community is very sparsely built and looks more like a big park, with a very nice environment.

                Almost all the people you can see in the community are Chinese, and those who live here, even if they don’t have any basic English, their lives are not affected in any way.

                It is indeed very friendly to Chinese immigrants who do not have a basic knowledge of English and are not accustomed to Western life.

                Li Xiaofen parked the car and was eager to take Ye Chen into the house for a tour.

                In North America, houses are not allowed to be sold rough, they are basically completely renovated and equipped with home appliances before they are sold to the public, so this house is very well decorated and the supporting furniture and home appliances are all international brands, the overall grade is very high.

                After visiting the house, Ye Chen was satisfied with the house. It seemed that Tang Sihai had not treated Auntie Li badly, and such a house was definitely considered a luxury house in Vancouver.

                As soon as Auntie Li entered the house, she rushed to the kitchen to prepare dinner, and Claudia followed her to help with the cooking.

                She said, “Ye Chen is a guest from afar, so there is no reason for him to be in the kitchen.

                Ye Chen saw her firm attitude, so he did not insist.