Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4005

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, that Huang Xingyu cursed furiously as if her tail had been stepped on, “You f*cking said my mouth stinks! If you don’t believe me, I’ll call someone to come over and tear your mouth apart!”

                Huang Xingyu was furious, but she never dreamed that her boyfriend, who had always obeyed her orders, would suddenly turn around and stare at her with gritted teeth, saying in a cold voice, “Your mouth stinks!”

                “f*ck!” Huang Xingyu’s eyes widened as she cursed, “Li Hao Yang, what the f*ck are you saying about me?!”

                Li Hao Yang bellowed and roared, “I said your f*cking mouth stinks!”

                After saying that, he immediately rushed forward and grabbed Huang Xingyu’s collar and swung his right hand towards her face, slapping her from side to side.

                This made everyone in the scene, except for Ye Chen, look dumbfounded.

                Especially Claudia and Huang Xingyu’s two followers.

                They had all been cla*smates before and knew very well how humble Li Haoyang was in front of Huang Xingyue.

                As long as Huang Xingyue was not happy, Li Hao Yang would not even dare to breathe in front of her.

                Moreover, Huang Xingyu would punch and kick him at the slightest displeasure, even at school, so no one expected that Li Hao Yang would suddenly strike at Huang Xingyu!

                Huang Xingyu herself was dumbfounded.

                She had never been beaten in her 18 years of life, but she didn’t think that Li Hao Yang, who was like a dog by her side, would dare to hit her, so she shouted in anger: “Li Hao Yang, how dare you f*cking hit me! I’ll kill you, you son of a b*tch!”

                Li Hao Yang was so angry that he slapped his opponent with a series of slaps, making his cheeks bruise and blood seep from the corners of his mouth, but he was still not satisfied. You just have a couple of dollars at home, why are you so proud of me? I’ll beat you to death!”

                Huang Xingyu was slapped a dozen times in a row, her head was dizzy and swollen, and the mobile phone she was holding fell to the ground because she couldn’t hold it for a while.

                Seeing this, Ye Chen picked it up by hand and found that Huang Xingyu had already opened the short video platform and was even ready to shoot, so he laughed and said, “This sister was yelling about shooting videos just now, why did she drop her phone on the ground? It looks like it’s not very convenient to film, so why don’t I help you!”

                After saying that, he directly clicked the plus sign on the screen, and the camera directly aimed at Huang Xingyu’s face and pressed the shot.

                At this point, Huang Xingyu’s anger had been drained away.

                It was true that his own father had money, but money from afar could not save a slap in the face.

                Although Li Hao Yang was a bit of a coward before, he was at least a young man of 5’8″ and had a crushing physical advantage over Huang Xingyu, so he slapped her dozens of times in a row just like a game.

                The crowd watched Huang Xingyue’s face being beaten into a pig’s head, and the two followers were as anxious as ants on a hot pot, standing and watching, or going to stop her.

                After all, they were afraid that Li Hao Yang would lose his mind and grab them both and beat them up together.

                When Ye Chen saw that this Huang Xingyu was almost fainting from the beating, he stopped filming and then clicked upload.

                Immediately afterwards, he patted Li Hao Yang’s shoulder and said with a reproachful face, “Hey, you kid, you are too ignorant of pitying the jade, how can you beat a girl to death?”

                Li Hao Yang stopped moving with resignation and cursed furiously, “Bah! This b*tch is not only ugly, but she’s also a f*cking b*tch, and she’s so arrogant because of her family’s money, and she yells at me all the time. I’ve put up with her for a long time!”

                Ye Chen took a picture of Li Hao Yang’s face on Huang Xingyu’s mobile phone, then went forward and stuffed the phone back into Huang Xingyu’s LV shoulder bag, then patted Li Hao Yang’s shoulder and said in a serious manner, “Oh, even if you are angry, you can’t hit so hard, look at the beating you gave to the little girl, you can barely recognize your own father, it’s too much! Aren’t you afraid that her father will come to Canada to find you in trouble?”

                In this instant, Li Haoyang’s entire consciousness instantly regained clarity.

                When he came back to his senses, he looked at Huang Xingyu, who was beaten into a pig’s head and unconscious in front of him, and was scared out of his wits.

                He fell to his knees and hugged Huang Xingyu, bawling, “Xingyu, what’s wrong with you? Xingyu …… I …… I …… didn’t mean to do it …… I …… just got angry and confused …… you mustn’t blame me Xingyu …… Xingyu, wake up and say something to me Xingyu …… I’m so scared, please wake up ……”

                After saying this, he saw that Huang Xingyu was unconscious and unresponsive, so he quickly turned to the other two girls and said, “You …… both must testify for me. …… I… …I lost my mind in the heat of the moment, I didn’t mean to hurt Xingyu! XinYu is my girlfriend, my favorite person, how could I intentionally hurt her …… It was all impulsive, impulsive!”