Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3982

Song Wanting thought about it and said, “Master Ye, the scale of your project is still very large, even if we have no problem with the funding, it will take at least two to three years for the hardware to go from site selection to construction and then to completion and acceptance. We have plenty of time to take our time.”

“That’s true.” Ye Chen nodded his head and said, “You should talk to the city first, let’s try to complete the site selection first and then get the project design out as soon as possible!”

“Okay.” Song Wanting said, “I’ll go and touch base as soon as possible.”

Thinking of Auntie Li, Ye Chen thought of giving her and Li Xiaofen a call to ask how they were doing lately.

Ye Chen calculated that the two of them were settled in Vancouver, which was 16 hours later than China, and it should be around 6pm at the moment, so the time should not disturb their rest.

So, he said to Song Wanting, “Wanting, I’ll make a phone call first.”

“Okay Master Ye.”

Ye Chen picked up his phone and found Li Xiaofen’s WeChat, so he sent her a voice chat.

The connection was quickly made and Li Xiaofen’s delighted voice came out, “Brother Ye Chen! Why do you want to call me?”

Ye Chen smiled, “I missed you and Auntie Li, so I called to ask how you were doing in Canada and how you were getting used to it.”

Li Xiaofen smiled cheekily and said, “We’re fine here, I was working in a laundry in Chinatown, and Auntie Li was raising flowers and vegetables in her yard every day. I am now the shop manager and cashier of the convenience store!”

Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “You have opened a convenience store? Are you and Auntie Li the only two people?”

Li Xiaofen said, “At the beginning, it was just the two of us, but after we got into the swing of things, we were a bit too busy, so we recruited another shop a*sistant.”

Ye Chen asked, “Running a convenience store must be very tiring, right?”

“It’s fine.” Li Xiaofen smiled and said, “Our convenience store is similar in size to the convenience stores we can find everywhere in China, and we have a special supplier. ”

Li Xiaofen said: “Auntie Li is doing a great job, she is nice, polite to everyone, and is also willing to help others, so although the shop has not been open for a long time, but there are already many regular customers!”

Ye Chen asked, “Is Auntie Li here? I’d like to have a chat with Auntie Li.”

Li Xiaofen said, “Auntie Li is helping out at the community nursery cla*s.”

“Nursery cla*s?” Ye Chen asked curiously, “What kind of place is it?”

Li Xiaofen explained, “It’s called daycare, and it’s actually similar to the nurseries in China.

“The community in Chinatown has organised a semi-community nursery cla*s to help these parents look after their children during the working day, Auntie Li has worked in the orphanage for so many years and is the best at looking after children, and she loves children, so when she knew there was a shortage of staff in the nursery cla*s, she volunteered to help out.

Ye Chen could not help but sigh, “People like Auntie Li are really like candles, wherever they are, they will burn themselves and light up others ……”

“Who says otherwise.” Li Xiaofen said with a smile, “Brother Ye Chen, Auntie Li usually talks about you all the time, she misses you a lot …… And I also …… I especially miss you too… . if you have time, remember to come and see us!”