Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3963

Bernard Elnor’s whole face was a sad, saucy mess when he heard this.

He knew that he was being targeted.

The point was that he was being targeted, and all those around him who were bidding for the same rejuvenation pills were cheering for it.

It was also at this moment that he realised that he was not only disliked by the customers of his brand, but even by other rich people as well.

He also finally appreciated the evil of the allotment system.

It is a system that sees that you like something and then takes advantage of the fact that you have to have it and adds an extra price in a different way.

If you protest, the seller will tell you that this is our sales policy, you accept it or pay for the allotment, or you go out and turn right.

And Bernard Elnor’s desire for the rejuvenating elixir is not just a matter of liking it, it’s a matter of his health and longevity.

In his current state of health, should lung cancer return with a vengeance, he would essentially be left to die.

Moreover, he had already experienced the pain of cancer treatment twice, and he did not want to experience it a third time in his life.

Thinking of this, he could only grit his teeth and ask Song Wanting with a humble face, “Miss Song, I don’t know how you want me to allocate the goods …… my cash flow is not that abundant ……”

Song Wanting nodded and spoke, “Don’t worry, we naturally won’t push you to the brink because of the allotment of goods.”

Speaking here, she smiled faintly and continued, “If you follow the allocation strategy of your brand, the ratio of the general allocation amount for popular models starts at one to one or even higher, right?”

Bernard Aylneau’s eyes went black. If the ratio was really one to one, that would be US$140 billion, where would he get that kind of money?

Just as he was desperate to the core, Song Wanting added: “Of course, we do things, we are still a little bit more careful than you, so we have finally decided to let you match the goods at a ratio of 50, since your bid price is 72 billion, then the amount of matching goods is 36 billion, which is a total of 108 billion.”

Bernard Elnor said desperately, “I don’t have that much money …… I can only come up with a maximum of eighty billion dollars in cash right now ……”

Song Wanting nodded and spoke, “In that case, you can also apply for installment payments.”

Bernard Elnor was busy asking, “How can I pay in installments?!”

Song Wanting said, “A total of US$36 billion in allotments, you pay US$8 billion upfront, and the remaining US$28 billion, in ten years, for which we can waive your installment fees, and as you know, if you take out a consumer loan outside, the interest rate for a ten-year period is at least 50 or more.”

Speaking here, Song Wanting added, “I believe that with your ability to absorb money, it should still be very easy to take out US$2.8 billion per year, and after you get a whole rejuvenation pill, as long as nothing happens, your life expectancy will be at least twenty years, so if you look at it that way, it will definitely be a very good deal for you.”

Then, Song Wanting turned her words and added, “Of course, you can also not accept it, our dispensing policy is the same as your brand, advocating voluntary dispensing rather than mandatory dispensing.”

Bernard Aylneau finally understood what it meant to kill someone’s heart.

What is the difference between forcing people to allocate goods and saying it is voluntary?

But when he thought about it, wasn’t his own brand in the same way?

Thinking about it, he could only lament that he had brought this on himself.

And although his heart was pained to the core, he still made an instant decision once he thought of the Spring Return Pill and said through clenched teeth, “Okay …… I accept!”

Song Wanting nodded and said seriously, “016, since you have voluntarily and positively accepted our allotment policy, you will next need to pay US$80 billion first, and in order to ensure that you fulfill your contract, we will also need to sign a series of legal documents, and the Spring Return Pill will be given to you after the legal documents are signed, do you have any objections to this point? ”

Bernard Elnor shook his head and said in a dishevelled voice, “No …… I have no objection ……”

Song Wanting nodded and smiled, “In that case, then both of us have reached an equal and voluntary agreement on the allocation of the Spring Return Pill in the spirit of fairness and justice, is this something you confirm?”