Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3932

The world is never a fair place, even in the face of death.

The poor living in the poorest regions of Asia, Africa and Latin America, where a gla*s of unclean water can trigger malaria and thus take the life of a young adult.

but a working cla*s person in an ordinary country, even if diagnosed with cancer, thanks to a good social security system, can have a survival cycle ranging from years to decades.

And in the best oncology hospitals in the world, some people can even survive for five years or more than the average person in a hard case of mid to late stage cancer.

And in this auction, those who were lucky enough to get the Spring Return Pill, even if they were in the middle to late stages of cancer, or even in the end stage, were able to be completely cured, extending their life span, from a few months, to a few years, or even a dozen years.

Ye Chen used this special auction, with special rules and forms, to not only let them see the miraculous elixir Spring Return Pill, which they had never seen in this world, but also to amplify the appeal of the Spring Return Pill to everyone, layer by layer, to the extreme.

So, even if this Cultivation Field is as cruel as it can be, these people are unwilling to miss the chance to survive.

They are not afraid of cutting too much flesh from their own bodies.

They are only afraid that they don’t have enough meat on their bodies to have the chance to cut it if they want to!

And at this moment, the two terminally ill patients who are competing for the last copy of the Spring Return Pill are both determined to fight to the last bullet.

At this moment, deep down in their hearts, both of them were extremely regretful, regretting that they had not recognised the situation clearly at the beginning, that they should have known long ago that they were not capable of competing for just one last Spring Return Pill, and that they should have taken a share at the very beginning, regardless of everything.

It was a pity that a mistake in decision making had driven both of them to the brink of extinction.

The others on stage, too, could not help but feel envious and jealous of the first black tycoon to win the Elixir Pill for US$2 billion.

Apart from that, they had also drawn their own lessons, and if they still had the chance to attend the auction of the Spring Return Pill next year, they would come and get the very first one first, regardless of anything else.

Just at this time, the price had been pushed to a high of US$35 billion by the Korean tycoon surnamed Lee.

The other British tycoon was on the verge of collapse, as this price, was already approaching his carrying capacity.

But to give up the competition was to accept death, and if no miracle happened, in three months’ time he would be buried in a beautiful coffin, in the presence of his friends, family and a priest.

So he could only grit his teeth and add another hundred million to this offer, which came to thirty-five-one billion.

The Korean tycoon surnamed Lee was already somewhat broken, and while wiping the sweat from his forehead, he gritted his teeth and quoted another price: “Thirty-five billion two hundred million!”

Both sides were like two gladiators who had been fighting for a long time, each knowing that the other had only one last breath left, so they were both cautious at this point, making their moves a little at a time, waiting for the other to fall to the ground with a bang.

But even so, the two continued to bidding back and forth for several rounds.

The price had now risen to US$38 billion.

The British tycoon finally called for a bite of US$38.1 billion, and by this time, he was completely powerless to raise the price any further.

The Korean tycoon, surnamed Lee, on the other hand, continued to raise his bid, calling out a figure of thirty-eighty-two billion dollars.

The British tycoon sat in place with a pale face, knowing at this moment that he had lost.

Thirty-eighty-one billion dollars was his own offer.

But this money, surprisingly, had no chance to be spent.

This meant that he had kept this huge fortune, but his life was about to come to an end in the following three to six months.