Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3913

The Middle Eastern tycoon who had decided to give up at the last minute and not raise his bid was in tears of remorse!

With one hand over his heart and one hand smacking his face, he cursed, “You miser! You bloody miser!!! What’s the use of keeping your money? What’s the use!!! Are you going to take your money to heaven with you?!”

After saying this, he covered his face, which was already half swollen from the beating, with his hands and whimpered.

Meanwhile, the Middle Eastern tycoon was not the only one who had slapped himself with a vicious hand.

Many of those who had previously watched the show or questioned the Spring Return Pill were completely shocked by this shocking scene.

And the shock was followed by extreme regret!

Among them, there were quite a few people who could actually afford to pay US$2 billion.

Moreover, quite a few of them were actually terminally ill, otherwise they would not have travelled so far to attend the Spring Return Pill auction.

However, they were like frogs at the bottom of the well, thinking that this medicine could not possibly be worth so much money.

So, as soon as they came up, they simply gave up on the idea of bidding.

Now, they had finally realised the miracle of the Spring Return Pill, but they had missed their only chance to pick up the pieces!

They had thought that the price of US$2 billion was already sky-high, but now they realised that this was not a sky-high price, it was simply a cabbage price compared to its unparalleled miraculous effects!

This is because these rich people understand that life is the most valuable thing in this world!

What’s two billion dollars? If you live, everything is possible!

If you don’t believe me, just look at Steve Jobs!

When Steve Jobs died in 2011, Apple’s market capitalisation was over US$300 billion.

And ten years after Jobs’ death, Apple’s market capitalisation exceeded three trillion dollars.

And at the time of his death, all of Jobs’ fortune was counted to be about ten billion dollars, and when he died, the family fortune was inherited by his wife.

If he had been given a chance to spend US$2 billion to extend his life at that time, he would not only have survived in good health, but his value would have also exceeded US$100 billion.

So, since the rejuvenation pills have such miraculous effects, the account is worth every penny, and it’s not a bad deal!

At this time, even Fei Jianzhong, who had been silent, could not help but feel his heart surging with excitement!

He finally understood that the Spring Return Pill could extend a person’s life by twenty years, and that it was not just a lie!

The more this was the case, the more he was determined to win that last Spring Return Pill!

He felt that as long as he could live another twenty years, what if he could take out half of his family fortune, not to mention US$10 billion?

As long as he lived, he would still be able to enjoy the remaining half!

But if he dies, even if his fortune multiplies ten thousand times or one hundred million times after his death, what the hell is the point?

At this time, Li Tailai, who had missed out on the Spring Return Pill and whose mind had completely collapsed, was even more devastated.

He also began to regret that he hadn’t gritted his teeth and continued to raise the bid at the last crucial moment.

Moreover, he was one of the few people in the room who were most aware of the efficacy of the Spring Return Pill.

In his heart, he cursed himself, “b*****d! What a f*cking b*****d! Knowing that the Spring Return Pill has unbelievable effects, you still f*cking put money first! You had the best chance of getting this quarter of the Spring Return Pill, but you let someone else auction it away, your brain is eaten by dogs!!!”

And the more he thought this, the more his mind became unbalanced.

So, he stood up out of breath, pointed at the old man on the stage, and shouted hysterically, “The Spring Return Pill! This is the Spring Return Pill! This is the f*cking Return of Spring! Spring! This is the f*cking Spring! Look at you, you bunch of C*nts who haven’t seen the world! A quarter of a Spring Return Pill and you’re all in a state of shock? I’m telling you, I once had the pleasure of taking a whole pill of this elixir! Listen carefully, it’s a whole pill! You bunch of C*nts can go ahead and envy it!”