Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3876

It was the first time that vivian had seen the shopkeeper so nonchalant.

In his impression, this shop manager of his own was extremely capable personally, often able to play those rich men and women around, not only to make them obediently pay out of their pockets, but also to make them grateful.

So, in Vivian’s eyes, the shop manager is her idol and goal in life.

Ever since vivian entered the shop, his outlook has changed drastically.

If he hadn’t come to work in a luxury shop, vivian would never have dreamed that the rich people who normally bossed ordinary people around and turned their noses up to the sky would cater to and please the salesmen who sold things in the luxury shop.

If she hadn’t come to work in a luxury shop, Vivian wouldn’t have known that in this shop, no matter if you are a big boss, a rich wife or a mistress with a monthly allowance of over a million dollars, you have to look at the salesperson’s face when you come in.

Want a best-selling bag? Sorry, if you don’t know how to talk or beg, the answer will always be a lukewarm one: Sorry, this model is not in stock.

In this absolute seller’s market, so what if you have money?

In the past, salesmen were proud to know rich people, but now the world has changed, many so-called celebrities and noble women, instead, are proud to know the counter brothers and sisters, they not only have to go to great lengths to pull strings with sales, help sales to boost performance, every now and then they also have to stuff some red envelopes, treat a meal, or send some expensive gifts, so as to maintain their relationship with the counter brothers and sisters.

The most disgusting thing is that many of the so-called celebrity women are proud to share their experiences of befriending and even kneeling down to those counters on online platforms, which is really magical to the extreme.

So, vivian is extremely pa*sionate about his job and extremely complacent because of it, and his biggest goal is to become a shop manager himself one day.

Once he became a shop manager, he would have all the best-selling products in the shop in his hands, and by that time, all the rich people in town would have to come over and kneel to him.

The more he did so, the more he wondered what had happened that could make the store manager so nervous.

So he hurriedly ran out of the mother and baby room in the mall, and as soon as he was outside, he saw two anxious-looking women standing in front of the door of the mother and baby room, each with a wailing baby still in her arms.

These two mothers were waiting at the door of the mother and baby room to breastfeed their babies, and when they saw that the room was in use, they a*sumed that there were other mothers inside breastfeeding their babies.

One of the mothers said angrily, “What’s wrong with you? What are you doing in the mother’s room when you have nothing better to do?”

Vivian waved her orchid finger disdainfully and said, “What do you care? Who do you think you are?”

The mother scolded angrily, “Look carefully! This is a mother and baby room! This is for mothers and babies, who are you to occupy it?”

Vivian said arrogantly with his nose in the air, “You think having a baby is a big deal? Does having a baby mean that everyone else has to give in to you? Who gave you this problem? Why don’t you just stay at home and cause trouble for society?”

The mother was furious, and seeing that he had a work badge on his chest, she immediately went up to him and said, “Which shop are you from? I’m going to complain about you at your shop!”

When VIVIAN heard this, he was so scared that he ran away.

He didn’t dare to run to his shop, but ran out of the mall in the opposite direction, and then made a long detour to get back to his shop.