Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3873

Zhang Ermao’s eyes were red and two tears flowed out, then he hurriedly wiped them away with his sleeve and sighed, “Master Ye, you don’t know, I, Zhang Ermao, have been like a fatherless orphan all these years, not to mention in the antique street, everywhere I have to nod and bow to others, in the end, it’s because I don’t have a backer, but anyone who is a landlord in Jinling can bully me, anyone can push me around. I can be bullied by anyone and everyone …… I really didn’t think that I would be able to follow Master Wu and you in my life ……”

The first time I said this, I could not help but wipe a tear again, and then said seriously, “Master Ye, saying this seems like I am too chicken-hearted! Anyway, don’t worry, I will not let you and Master Wu down in the future!”

Ye Chen nodded and spoke, “Having a backer is naturally a good thing, but you should also remember the days when you didn’t have a backer, don’t let yourself become the most loathsome person in the first place because you have a backer and turn around and oppress other people from poor backgrounds.”

Zhang Ermao nodded his head repeatedly and said humbly, “Master Ye don’t worry, I understand this in a million ways!”

Seeing that he spoke from the bottom of his heart, Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “All right, go now.”

Zhang Ermao bowed ninety degrees at Ye Chen and said gratefully, “Thank you Master Ye, then I will go and see Master Wu first!”


With an excited heart, Zhang Ermao took a taxi to Tianxiang House.

Just as excited as him was the male salesman in the Hermes shop named Vivian.

Just now, the shop manager, in the presence of all his colleagues, had calculated his sales commission for today’s order.

Out of a total of $996,000, his commission was $298,000.

This single order not only broke the record for the highest amount of goods allocated in the shop, but also broke the record for the highest commission in the shop.

Vivian was so excited that he immediately took out his mobile phone and called a friend who was a salesman at a used car dealership, intending to buy a used Porsche 718 that he had long desired from him.

This is one of the cheapest Porsche cars, priced at just a few hundred thousand RMB, but it is a very prestigious car among the most fashionable young people.

Especially in the midnight streets, the moment the convertible top is opened gives many young people an air of exclusivity like no other.

This is why this car, in some seaside cities, is definitely the most sought-after model in car rental agencies.

Vivian, who has always prided himself on being at the forefront of fashion and is friends with many of the most expensive women and money, is eager to drive a Porsche 718 of his own.

To buy a new Porsche 718, including the options, would cost around $700,000 to $800,000, not counting the purchase tax of several tens of thousands of dollars, which is really hard for Vivian to afford.

Although his income as a counter man is not bad, it is difficult for him to save money every month because he likes to spend a lot of money in his spare time.

He found a two-year old used 718 in the colour and configuration he wanted for a little over $600,000.

Vivian had almost $100,000 of his own savings and figured that once the commission of nearly $300,000 was paid out next month, he could put down half of it and take the Porsche 718 home.

When his friend from the used car dealership got on the phone, he hurriedly asked, “Xiao Bin, has the red 718 in your shop been sold yet?”

The person on the other end said, “No, but we have a customer who is ready to place an order.”

Vivian asked anxiously, “When did you order it? Have you paid yet?”

The person on the other side said, “I think I paid 10,000 yuan as a deposit, and I think it was decided within today.”

Vivian was relieved to hear this and said, “Since it’s an intention deposit, it’s fine! Xiao Liu, don’t sell him this car, sell it to me, I want it!”