Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3871

If I sell such a pair, I usually don’t leave the stall for two months, mainly because I am afraid of people coming to me.”

Ye Chen asked him, “If people come to you, how do you usually deal with them?”

Zhang Ermao laughed and explained, “If I find them, they will definitely come to return the money, I generally just see people and I will fight them to the end if I can afford it.

Ye Chen asked again, “What if you meet someone you can’t afford?”

Zhang Ermao scratched his head and laughed, “If I meet someone I can’t afford, my first choice is usually to run away, if I can get away, everything will be fine, if I can’t, I will honestly pay for it.”

Ye Chen nodded and laughed: “So, you are not able to pocket every single order, how much money can you earn in a year?”

Zhang Ermao did the math in his mind and said with a smile, “If all circumstances are taken into account, I can usually get 400,000 to 500,000 a year.”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “How about this Zhang Ermao, give you a base salary of 800,000 a year, from now on you don’t go to the antique shop to cheat people, change your mind and follow Hong Wu from now on, do everything he tells you.”

When Zhang Ermao heard this, he was stunned and dumbfounded.

He had never dreamed that Ye Chen would let him stay and work by Master Hong Wu’s side.

Shocked, he could not help but open his mouth and ask, “Master Ye …… I …… am just a nobody, why would you think of asking me to work under Master Wu?”

Ye Chen smiled, “Hong Wu has more than enough bravery, but his resourcefulness is still lacking, if he can have someone like you by his side to be his dog-headed military advisor, it will definitely be a good thing for him.”

Ye Chen did appreciate certain strengths in Zhang Ermao, although this guy came from a lowly background, he could definitely be considered to be well-informed and knowledgeable, and most importantly, he had a quick reaction time, and his ability to adapt to the situation was much better than the average person.

It was indeed a bit of a waste if such a person was placed in the antique street and made hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by cheating and cheating.

He then looked at Zhang Ermao and opened his mouth to ask, “Do you want to think about it? Give me a clear answer after you’ve considered it.”

“No need to think about it!” Zhang Ermao hurriedly said, “Master Ye, I am willing to follow you and Master Hong Wu to serve as a dog and horse!”

For Zhang Ermao, making a living in the antique street was actually not a good time.

Not only did he have to devise all sorts of traps to deceive people, he also had to be on the alert for people coming to his door, and on top of that, he was not well liked on the antique street, and many of his peers looked at him unfavourably.

So he had been looking forward to the opportunity to worship a more reliable dock, at least to make his life easier in the future.

Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and said, “In this way, I’ll give Hong Wu a call, and you can go to Tian Xiang House to find him later.”

But he had never dreamed that Ye Chen would let him go directly to talk to Master Hong Wu.

If he followed Master Hong Wu, he wouldn’t dare to walk around in Jinling, but absolutely no one would dare to mess with him!

Thinking of this, Zhang Ermao nodded and bowed repeatedly in excitement, repeating under his breath, “Yes Master Ye! Thank you, Master Ye!” .