Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3832

Kerry Vest The master cla*s that Vest is talking about is a high-end course led by the Rhode Island School of Design, the world’s top design school, and the entire interior design field, the top skills advanced training cla*s, known as the cradle of the world’s top designers.

It’s like the Lakeside University set up by the owner of Ali Bar Bar back in the day, and those who can get in. Basically, they are all very powerful entrepreneurs in China, or very promising young entrepreneurs.

In addition to having access to the best knowledge, technology and academics in the industry, this kind of place can also provide one-step access to the top of the pyramid of the industry.

Once you have access to it, you are connected to the most cutting-edge resources in the industry.

The master cla*ses at Rhode Island School of Design are much more difficult to get into than at Lakeside University.

Before Lakeside University was discontinued, it was screening about fifty people a year from entrepreneurs in China.

But the Rhode Island School of Design’s Master Cla*s. Only fifty people are selected from around the world each year.

Moreover, as this master cla*s is basically all from the West, from the host institute, to the teaching professors. Therefore, the number of places available each year is heavily skewed towards Western countries.

Of the fifty places, at least thirty-five are allocated to Western designers, leaving not even ten places for Asia.

Therefore, if we look at the whole of China, the maximum number of designers who can go to this master cla*s each year is no more than three.

Xiao Churan had long been fascinated by this master cla*s, but never expected to have the opportunity to attend it herself.

She knew that Kerry Vest was leading this mastercla*s. She knew that Kerry Vest was the leader of the mastercla*s, so she asked her for advice on the details of the mastercla*s out of admiration and fascination.

She thought it would be an honour to be selected for one of the mastercla*ses ten years later.

Kerry West Wester also knew that Xiao Churan might not be selected for the master cla*s in another ten years, even with her current qualifications.

However, as the leader of the Master Cla*s, she has the right to award a special place, and this year’s place has not yet been used. It just so happened that it had not been used yet.

If this quota was given to Xiao Churan, it would definitely enable Xiao Churan to rise to the top in the field of Chinese design, in one step.

Fei Kexin also felt that. This was a very good entry point, and in these last five days before the auction started, she had to go all out to accumulate favours on Xiao Churan and add a hope for herself.

So, she immediately said to Kelly West, “I’ll give you the money. I’ll give Churan a call and ask her to have lunch with me. You can mention this to her then and see if she’s interested.”

Don’t worry, Miss Fei, Churan will be very interested. Because her eyes were shining when she asked me about the master cla*s before, it’s one of every designer’s ultimate dreams, and, in all the years the master cla*s has been running, there have been very few designers who have been able to attend the master cla*s in their 20s. If Churan comes to attend, then she will be the first Asian Master Cla*s participant under the age of thirty, and that title alone will make her famous in the Chinese design community.”

Good!” Fei Kexin nodded, and with a bit of excitement in her expression, she spoke, “Kairi. If you help me with this matter, the Fei family will definitely not treat you badly, in the coming year. At least a hundred or so of the Fei family’s over three hundred hotels around the world will be launched for redecoration, and I will give all the hotel designs to your studio at that time!”

Kerri. Wester is a top designer though. Her annual income was at least ten million dollars, but in the end, she was still far from being a real billionaire.