Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3828

The cla*s of Red Flag cars is certainly not as good as Rolls Royce.

But in Ye Chen’s eyes, Red Flag is the most nationally representative car brand in China, bar none.

Therefore, it was also the obvious choice in his mind.

Chen Zekai did as he was told by Ye Chen, so he immediately spoke, “Yes young master, I will coordinate the resources and ensure that the vehicles are all in place within two days.”

Ye Chen nodded and instructed, “Don’t forget to raise the room rates, during the Spring Return Pill auction, the price of the rooms at Buckingham Palace should be at least a hundred times higher, and don’t give a single cent discount.”

“Good.” Richard Chen said with a smile, “Don’t worry young master, I’ve arranged this, this time the listed price of the hotel room has not only increased by more than a hundred times, but there will also be an additional 20 service charge, 20 security fee as well as 20 event organization fee, anyway, it’s all tricky and set up specifically to screw them over.”

Hearing this, Ye Chen smiled and said, “By the way, charge them another one million RMB each for transportation, after all, we have to spend money to set up the fleet too.”

Richard Chen knew that ma*s-produced Red Flag cars were not really expensive, the best ones were only 500,000 to 600,000, and a fleet of eight cars would only cost four to five million.

For a fleet of four to five million cars, a million dollars is charged for a trip to the airport, which is probably the most profitable business in the world.

However, he knew very well in his heart that the two hundred people who had come to the Spring Return Pill auction would not care about such a small extra cost.

Even though the majority of these people knew very well that they would probably not be able to win the Spring Return Pill, they still wanted to come to the auction and see what it was like.

After explaining this, Ye Chen stood up and said to Chen Zekai, “Old Chen, I’ll leave the rest to you. On the day of the auction, you must conduct strict security checks on everyone entering the venue, and never allow anyone to bring any camera or recording equipment into the venue.”

Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “Young Master, don’t worry, I’ve made all the arrangements, when the time comes, I will put four sets of security screening equipment on site, open two security check lanes, each lane will do two security checks, definitely more stringent than the security checks of flying, whoever comes to the auction, don’t even want to bring in a watch.”

Ye Chen nodded, and suddenly a light came to his mind and said, “If you want me to say so, why don’t we ask them for their figure data now, and give them a batch of uniformly customized costumes in advance, and then number these costumes, starting from 1, all the way to 200!”

“For these outfits, just design them all according to sportswear, wear a uniform t-shirt on top and sports trousers underneath, no metal parts inside the clothes, and on the day the auction is held, make them have to change into our uniform outfits to go through the metal detection gates, the principle is that no one is allowed to carry any equipment containing metal, and if there are medical devices, they must also be strictly confirmed, never giving opportunity for anyone to exploit the loopholes.”

Chen Zekai immediately agreed and said, “Yes young master, I’ll arrange for them to have the clothes custom-made in the fastest possible time.”

Saying that, he added, “This is a saving, and it won’t cost much, our next province, Suhang, is basically one of the largest clothing production bases in the country.”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “OK, you will arrange this matter, and since we have already given them uniform clothing, it is natural to charge an additional cost for the clothing, just like how you have to charge school uniform fees for making school uniforms.”

Chen Zekai was busy asking, “Young master, I estimate that the cost of the costumes will not exceed two hundred dollars, how much do you think this costume fee should be charged at?”