Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3780

Xiao Changqian was not angry anymore, he hastened to keep his cane and said, “Mom! It’s easy to smash it, but it’s hard to pay for it! That car is over ten million dollars, even a casual smash will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, how can we pay for it? Don’t blame me for not warning you if you are arrested!”

Old Mrs. Xiao’s face suddenly turned blue and white, and she was at a loss as to what to do.

At this moment, Qian Hongyan really did not expect that Ma Lan, who had been oppressed by herself for decades, could say something fair for herself at this time.

She, who had been oppressed by all sides, was immediately filled with gratitude for Ma Lan, so she hurriedly said to Ma Lan, “Ma Lan, thank you for speaking up for me, but you’d better hurry up and leave, lest you be implicated by me ……”

When she heard Qian Hongyan’s thanks, Ma Lan was somewhat stunned, but she spoke with a righteous face, “Qian Hongyan, to be honest, I’m not just doing this for you, I’m doing it for myself too! This old woman has been bullying me for so many years, I’ve had a hard time with her for a long time! I didn’t think that a daughter-in-law like us would be worse than a dog in her eyes, I really want to tear her mouth apart!”

Old Mrs. Xiao was already furious, but Xiao Changqian held on to his cane and wouldn’t give her a chance, so she had nowhere to vent her anger.

After several unsuccessful attempts, Old Mrs. Xiao jumped to her feet in anger and cursed, “How can my life be so miserable! People marry into the family as daughters-in-law, but the two I married into the family are worse than dogs!”

After saying this, she looked at Xiao Weiwei and said through clenched teeth, “Weiwei! I don’t care about anything else! I only care about one thing, and that is that Qian Hongyan, this stinking b*tch, will never be allowed to enter this family!”

Xiao Weiwei was also a bit angry and spoke, “Grandma! You shouldn’t always pick on other people’s mistakes for everything, but once in a while you should also examine whether you have done anything wrong!”

After saying that, she looked at her father, Xiao Changqian, and said, “Dad! You always blame mum for being sorry, but have you ever thought about the fact that it was the two of you who came up with the idea to screw my second aunt in the first place!”

“Besides, in the end, only my mother was sent to the black coal kiln to suffer, and you, the one who hid behind the scenes, didn’t do anything!”

“It was Mum who had to bear all the hardships alone!”

“In this situation, you still only think of blaming her for your misery, but why didn’t you think of thanking her for suffering for you?”

When Qian Hongyan heard these words, all the grievances in her heart could no longer be tied up, and all of them instantly burst out, kneeling on the ground and bawling.

Xiao Changqian was speechless at this moment.

Although he had always blamed Qian Hongyan, as if he hated her to the bone, when his daughter Xiao Weiwei said these words, he could not help but feel a little self-condemnation in his heart.

In fact, what Xiao Weiwei said was correct, the two of them had jointly conceived the bad idea of victimising Ma Lan, but when it came to actually carrying it out, it was Qian Hongyan alone who was in the front.

In the end, when he was punished by Ye Chen, Qian Hongyan was the only one who suffered, while he, Xiao Changqian, stayed at home and did not have any problems at all.

Therefore, Xiao Changqian didn’t know what to say for a while, but the hostility between his eyebrows had been reduced by a lot.

Xiao Weiwei added: “Mum has had a very miserable time. When grandma was alive, even though her aunts and uncles squeezed her, she could at least have a place to live and a full meal to eat. But she doesn’t even have a shelter anymore. No matter what, she’s the mother who gave birth to me and raised me.

At this point, Xiao Weiwei said in an unusually firm and forceful manner, “Dad, Grandma! If you are willing to accept mum back, then let her live in the villa, so that dad and brother will have another person to take care of them in the future, and your pressure can be reduced a bit, too, grandma!”

“But if you are not willing to accept mum back, then I will pay for a separate house for mum outside, and I will take care of mum’s food and drink in the future!”

“I’ll spend the money I earn, no need for you to worry about it, and you have no right to interfere!”

At this point, Xiao Weiwei paused slightly and reminded with a serious expression, “But I want to make it clear first! Our whole family’s expenses now rely on me alone to earn money, the company needs to grow, and there’s no way I can get too high a salary, so if I still need to rent a room for my mother outside, then the expenses will definitely be a whole lot more!”