Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3776

Xiao Changqian was furious and cursed as he struggled to get up, reaching for his walking stick, ready to go up to the balcony and fight with Ma Lan.

Although Old Mrs. Xiao was also a bit annoyed, she hurriedly stopped Xiao Changqian and said resentfully, “Ma Lan has really turned over a new leaf now, we can’t afford to mess with her, you’d better not go out!

When Xiao Hailong heard this, he also wilted and sighed in dismay, “Yes, Dad, didn’t you hear Weiwei say that Ye Chen is the one who fixed her job now, and that our family is relying on Weiwei’s income to support our family. …”

Xiao Changqian’s expression suddenly became ugly and said with a black face, “One thing to say, that Ye Chen did help Weiwei and also helped us, so he is kind to us. Since he is Ma Lan’s son-in-law, then I can leave Ma Lan’s previous offense to me alone ……”

At this point, Xiao Changqian said with righteous indignation, “But now that she has come downstairs and shouted your mother’s name, isn’t this a f*cking slap in my face? Their house is not far from ours, and your mother stole your grandmother’s money and ran away, and your grandmother even reported it to the police, so it’s not like she doesn’t know about it.

Xiao Hailong said in a jarring voice: “It’s true, but even if we know it well, we can only pretend to be confused! I don’t want to live the old days of lying in bed and starving to death again ……”

Xiao Changqian was also a little frustrated, and after a moment he waved his hand and let out a long sigh, “Hey! Forget it! I don’t want to be normal with her, just pretend she’s barking downstairs! She’s tired of barking, so I guess it’s time to get lost!”

Old Mrs. Xiao said approvingly, “Changqian, you’ve finally made some progress from before! You’re a man who can bend and stretch, you’ve just suffered too little before!”

At this time, Ma Lan, who was downstairs, exchanged words for half a day, but when she saw that there was no movement, she said with some annoyance, “That dead old woman and Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong, the two tortoise masters, must be at home. They are all shrinking turtles, and none of them dare to come out to fight!”

Xiao Changkun shook his head and said, “Since they don’t dare to answer, then let’s go!”

“No way!” Ma Lan coldly snorted and said firmly, “If we leave at this time, they will still think that I, Ma Lan, am only this capable!”

After saying this, she raised her voice a few notches and shouted, “Xiao Changqian? Xiao Changqian? I know you’re home! Your legs, arms and hands have all been broken by Wu Donghai’s men, so where else can you go but to lie in bed? Don’t act like a shrinking turtle, not even daring to utter a single fart!”

Xiao Changqian was so angry that he vomited blood, and he managed to stand up on his crutches, which he was about to use to go out onto the balcony.

Old Mrs. Xiao hurriedly got up to stop him, but she was too old and too tired to stop him for a while, as she had just finished serving the two of them, so she could only follow him onto the terrace.

Xiao Changqian had just stepped onto the terrace when he saw Ma Lan poking his head out of an SUV and scolded him furiously, “Ma Lan! Are you looking for trouble? I haven’t provoked you or messed with you lately, what do you mean by coming downstairs and barking at me for half a day?”

Ma Lan brushed aside his mouth and said with contempt, “I’m looking for your wife Qian Hongyan, where is she? Tell her to come out! I’ve just picked up a Les Rex …… ……”

When the words came to her lips, Ma Lan suddenly forgot what model this car was, so she turned back and asked Xiao Changkun, “What is this car called Ku something or other?”

Xiao Changkun rubbed his temples and said helplessly, “It’s a Cullinan ……”

“Oh, right!” Ma Lan finished, hurriedly poked her head out again and said to Xiao Changqian, “Old Mother just picked up a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, more than ten million!”

Xiao Changqian stared at the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and was shaking with anger.