Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3766

Ye Chen wanted to investigate Fei Ke Xin’s true identity as soon as possible, but this matter was not that easy.

So, after he returned home, he asked Wan Bajun, through the overseas connections of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, to investigate the exact details of this identity of Zhan Fei’er.

Ye Chen originally thought that Zhan Feier’s identity must be false, but the result that Wan Bajun returned was that this Zhan Feier was, indeed, a real person in France.

At least, within the French civil registry system, he was able to find out very detailed information about Zhan Feier’s civil registry.

France is a large country of immigration, and its civil registry is very detailed, containing not only basic information on birth, gender and education, but also the occupation, income and even religion of the parents.

The family has been in France for many years, starting from scratch, and has now become a large business group with a market value of 10 billion euros.

The name of the doctor who delivered Gianfields is clearly written in this file.

In addition to this, the information on the primary, secondary and tertiary education of Gianfields is also included, so there is nothing suspicious about this identity.

I’m afraid that no one could find anything wrong with this identity, but Ye Chen only caught one key point, and that was the six-star martial artist.

In Ye Chen’s eyes, Zhan Feier’s profile, combined with that six-star martial artist, was like a wealthy man worth three billion dollars buying a private yacht worth one and a half billion dollars.

Buying it was definitely affordable, but no rich man with a little bit of brains would do such a stupid thing.

Moreover, a person this stupid could not be a billionaire.

So, based on this alone, he was able to conclude that this Zhan Feier, must have another identity that was hidden even deeper.

At the same time, Ye Chen was also thinking about what purpose this Zhan Feier had in mind when she deliberately approached himself and his family.

In his opinion, there were only four possible motives for the other party to approach him.

The first possibility was that it was because of his status as the young master of the Ye family.

The second possibility, because of his own identity as Master Ye.

The third possibility, because of the Nine Mysterious Reclamation Pill.

The fourth possibility, it was because of the Spring Return Pill.

However, to further confirm which of the above four Zhan Feier was, he had to get hold of more clues.

So, he asked Tang Sihai to help him by checking the entry records of Zhan Fei’er as an identity.

In the evening, Tang Sihai returned the results to Ye Chen, the contents of which shocked Ye Chen.

According to the entry records, Zhan Feier, a French Chinese, had not entered China from France, but from the United States.

Moreover, Zhan Feier’s city of entry was not Jinling, but Yanjing.

What was even stranger was that Zhan Feier had been in the country for many days and had been in Yanjing before, but had only just arrived in Jinling in the past few days.

Although Tang Sihai’s feedback was very short, there were quite a few key points in it that were of great help to Ye Chen.

Firstly, the fact that Zhan Feier had travelled from the United States to Yanjing made Ye Chen think that it was more likely that Zhan Feier’s original self, was an American

Secondly, the fact that Zhan Feier’s first stop in China was Yanjing helped Ye Chen to rule out the possibility that Zhan Feier was running after his own name, Master Ye.

This was because, in Yanjing, he was Young Master Ye, and only in Jinling was he Master Ye.

If Zhan Fei’er had come to find Master Ye, she should have come directly to Jinling.

Moreover, there was another key point, Zhan Fei’er had been in China for many days.

The time she entered the country was earlier than when he had asked Wei Liang to bring the Jiu Xuan Reclamation Pill to the United States, and even earlier than when Jiqing Hall announced the auction of the Spring Return Pill.