Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3748

Soon, President Pei and Xiao Changkun, each in their own cars, returned to the Calligraphy and Painting a*sociation back and forth.

At this time, Fei Kexin had been waiting here for a long time.

As soon as Chairman Pei returned, the secretary brought him and Xiao Changkun to the meeting room and said to the waiting Fei Kexin, “Miss Zhan, these two are our Chairman Pei of the Calligraphy and Painting a*sociation, as well as Vice Chairman Xiao!”

After saying that, she then introduced the two men, “President Pei, Vice President Xiao, this is the French-Chinese I spoke of on the phone, Feier Zhan, Miss Zhan.”

Fei Ke Xin did not use her real identity to be on the safe side.

But for her, she had completely legal and real identities in several countries, and this French-Chinese, Zhan Feier’s identity was just one of her many identities.

Fei Ke Xin gave Xiao Chang Kun one more look and was finally relieved in her heart that as long as she got in touch with him, she would definitely have a chance to inquire about his son-in-law Ye Chen.

So, she stood up very politely and said with a smile, “Two presidents, I have heard a lot about you and finally met you both.”

President Pei did not expect that the overseas Chinese was a beautiful young girl, and after a slight dismay, he hurriedly smiled and said, “Miss Zhan is really very polite, I heard that an overseas Chinese wanted to donate calligraphy and paintings, but I did not expect it to be for a young lady, was Miss Zhan from Jinling before?”

Fei Ke Xin smiled faintly and shook her head, “Our family’s ancestors were from Jinling, and although several generations have settled overseas recently, the old people in the family still have very deep feelings for Jinling, it’s just that the old people are too old to come over too easily, so they entrusted me to do my bit for the painting and calligraphy community in Jinling.”

As she said this, she greeted Chen Ying Shan at her side, “Shan Shan, quickly bring over the calligraphy and paintings prepared by the old man.”

Chen Yinshan hurriedly stepped forward and brought over a wooden box made of golden silk nan wood, which was opened on the conference table, and inside were eight scrolls of paintings.

These eight scrolls were bought by Fei’s family from a collector in America last night and then sent to Jinling overnight.

In order to match the background of the story made up by Fei Kexin, so that they could take the opportunity to hook up with Xiao Changkun.

However, both President Pei and Xiao Changkun did not know that Fei Kexin had put up such a big show in order to find an opportunity to get close to the son-in-law of Xiao Changkun’s family, Ye Chen.

Afterwards, Fei Ke Xin made an inviting gesture to President Pei and Xiao Changkun and said respectfully, “Two Presidents, these eight pieces of characters are the eight pieces of Zheng Zhou’s works that the old man at home asked me to bring back, so please take a look at them.”

President Pei was naturally very excited and hastily took out a pair of white gloves from his pocket, went forward and carefully picked up one of the characters and gently spread it out on the table, while looking at it, he praised, “These are indeed Zheng Zhou’s authentic works, and judging from the handwriting, they were left behind during Zheng Zhou’s golden age at its peak, very well preserved and very precious!”

Fei Kexin nodded and said with a smile, “These eight pieces of Zheng Huo’s work are a series of eight essays written by Zheng Huo, praising the four seasons and the four directions of Jinling, and all eight pieces are perfectly preserved, which is very rare indeed!”

President Pei said with excitement, “These eight characters are called the Eight Sighs of Jinling! They are of great significance to the history of Jinling and its customs and people! When I first came across calligraphy, I had heard of these eight characters, but I had only heard that they had gone overseas, but I never thought that I would be lucky enough to see them in Jinling today!”

With that, he said to Xiao Changkun, “Changkun, come and take a look! This is arguably the most famous of our local calligraphers in Jinling, and these eight pieces of calligraphy are also the most representative of our cultural history in Jinling! Look at the strength of the strokes, and the subtleties are rounded and full of rhythm, simply marvellous!”

Xiao Changkun could not understand any calligraphy, he only knew that it looked quite neat, but it was still too early to say that he could understand the essence of it.