Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3745

Although he was very busy, Xiao Changkun was recently full of vigour and enthusiasm.

He had been used to mediocrity in his life, and had not done anything prestigious for 50 years. Now, as the second-in-command of the Calligraphy and Painting a*sociation, he attended various formal meetings and met with various leaders and elites every day, giving him the illusion that he was also an elite.

This afternoon, representatives of the Calligraphy and Painting a*sociation went to another meeting in the city, this time to communicate the details of this exchange in Korea with their colleagues from the Music and Arts a*sociation, the Writers’ a*sociation and the Senior Citizens’ University.

The meeting was attended by not only Xiao Changkun, who represented the Calligraphy and Painting a*sociation, but also Han Meiqing, Xiao Changkun’s first love, and He Yuanjiang, Ye Chen’s mother’s old cla*smate and He Zhiqiu’s father, who attended on behalf of the Senior Citizens’ University.

Han Meiqing and He Yuanjiang are both PhDs who have returned to the US, Han Meiqing has been practising law in the US for many years and is extremely experienced, while He Yuanjiang is an internationally renowned economics expert.

In contrast, Xiao Changkun was not as eye-catching.

Although he was the vice-president of the Calligraphy and Painting a*sociation, he only knew a little bit about calligraphy and painting.

If he were given a brush, he would not be able to write or paint very well, and would be no more than an amateur boxer.

He was an ordinary member of the Painting and Calligraphy a*sociation, and now he has risen to the position of second-in-command as executive vice-president, thanks to President Pei’s encouragement along the way.

Ever since he saw how humble and respectful Hong Wu was towards Xiao Changkun at the Tianxiang Mansion, President Pei had attached great importance to him.

Nowadays, he would take the initiative to bring Xiao Changkun to some big public occasions to meet the world.

However, Xiao Changkun has no real talent, and if he were to express his opinion in the field of painting and calligraphy, the professionals would know that he is a half-wit.

In order to prevent him from showing his fears and making a fool of himself, President Pei would tell him to listen more and speak less, so as to avoid making more mistakes.

Naturally, Xiao Changkun also knew that he was not very good, so when he came to such occasions, he basically did not make any comments.

However, at this same exchange, both Han Meiqing and He Yuanjiang shone.

In order to showcase the active self-improvement of the elderly in Jinling during this exchange event in Korea, the two made a very professional presentation together.

Most of the universities for the elderly in China are actually recreational centres for the elderly, where the retired elderly go to learn calligraphy, painting, dancing and even tai chi, or do some recreational activities together, and that’s basically all they do.

However, both Han Meiqing and He Yuanjiang felt that since it was a university for the elderly, they had to sort out some in-depth teaching courses, so both of them put a lot of effort into the university and organised a group of elderly people with a high level of education to make several subjects sound.

Xiao Changkun, who had nothing but ums and ahs throughout the meeting but just nodded his head repeatedly, was really a bit fed up in his heart.

On the one hand, he felt inferior about the huge gap between his own level and that of Han Meiqing and He Yuanjiang.

On the other hand, he also felt that Han Meiqing and He Yuanjiang were working too closely and perfectly together, which made him feel jealous.

As the meeting drew to a close, someone suggested that we get together for a meal in the evening. Xiao Changkun thought that he could use the opportunity of the meal to have more contact with Han Meiqing, but to his surprise, Han Meiqing said, “Professor He and I won’t join the dinner, we have to go back to the senior citizens’ university later, there is an internal learning experience sharing session tonight.”

President Pei could not help but praise, “Professor Han is so responsible! We have to organise a sharing session in the evening, compared to your senior citizens’ university, our Calligraphy and Painting a*sociation is really a bit uninspiring!”

Han Meiqing said modestly, “Don’t say that, President Pei, the University is different from the Painting and Calligraphy a*sociation, which is like a regular army. ”

Xiao Changkun was also a bit resentful, if Han Meiqing didn’t go to the dinner, then he wasn’t interested in eating with these old men either, so he said, “Meiqing, why don’t I take you to the senior citizens’ university, it’s just the same way as my home from here.”

Han Meiqing smiled faintly and said politely, “No need Chang Kun, I came with Professor He today, he is driving, so we can go back together.”

“Oh ……” Xiao Changkun’s heart was even more lost, and for a moment he didn’t know how to continue the conversation.

At this time, President Pei’s mobile phone rang, he went out to answer the call and soon rushed over, excitedly saying to Xiao Changkun, “Changkun, go! Go back to the a*sociation! There’s a great thing in the sky!”