Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3731

        However, this was limited to ordinary people.

        Not to mention experts with aura like myself, even for the stronger martial artists like Wan Bajun, such amulets would not be of much use.

        Ye Chen made ten talismans in one go, intending to auction off the two and give the rest to his wife and friends.

        After he finished refining the talisman, Ye Chen was ready to refine a stronger talisman seal for himself.

        Although the previous Thunderstorm Order could summon heavenly thunder, if he encountered an expert, I was afraid that it would be difficult to kill the enemy with a single blow like before.

        Therefore, Ye Chen planned to upgrade the Thunderstorm Order.

        The original Thunderbolt Order was made by combining the 10,000-year Giant Clams and the Lightning Strike Wood, but because Ye Chen had less spiritual energy at the beginning, he had only added a relatively simple layer of talisman seals to it.

        Now that Ye Chen’s spiritual energy was much stronger, he could have added many more layers of symbolic seals to the thunderbolt decree to multiply its effectiveness.

        So, Ye Chen spent a lot of his spiritual energy to superimpose the lightning-inducing symbols in the Thunderbolt Order to ten layers, and also added the wind and rain-inducing symbols, so that after its completion, the Thunderbolt Order could not only induce stronger heavenly thunder, but also call the wind and rain.

        Moreover, with the addition of multiple layers of talisman seals, the Thunderbolt Order can be used as strong or as weak as one wishes.

        When using it again, Ye Chen can activate only one layer, or multiple layers, or all the symbols according to his needs.

        After the new Thunderbolt Decree was completed, it became even smaller and more transparent, somewhat like an ice-grain floating jade, but seemingly more moist than jade, which made Ye Chen love it.

        However, he also knew very well that this kind of Thunderstorm Order should not be used indiscriminately in normal times, and it should not be used at full power until it was absolutely necessary, otherwise it would be too much of a commotion and would not end well.

        When he thought of the Thunderstorm Order, even if it was just the most basic layer of the talisman seal, it would still be a thunderstorm on the ground, so Ye Chen began to think again whether he should prepare a silent weapon for himself.

        He was not a secret agent, nor a special forces soldier, and he did not know how to use a gun, nor did he like to use a gun. When he fought with people, he either used the Thunderbolt Order or just relied on his fists and feet, and when he thought about it, he always felt that there was a shortcoming of a secure means of attack.

        Ye Chen could not help but think back to those ninjas he met in Japan, these ninjas and himself were the two opposite extremes.

        These ninjas were the polar opposite of himself. He didn’t carry any weapons with him, while the Japanese ninjas wanted to have weapons in their throats.

        Apart from the useful shuriken, sleeve arrows, blow arrows and hand swords, there were all kinds of long and short blades, and even two daggers stuffed into the tips of their shoes, so they were armed to the teeth.

        Of all these weapons, the one that interested Ye Chen the most was the hand sword.

        This kind of thing, similar to the flying daggers of the Little Li Flying Daggers, was a short and compact weapon, easy to conceal, and could be used as a surprise when it was struck.

        So Ye Chen followed this line of thought and found a very suitable magic weapon for himself, the Soul Penetrating Blade, in the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures.

        The Soul Piercing Blade and the Order of Stunning Thunder were both types of magic weapons.

        The Thunderbolt Order uses spiritual energy to trigger the lightning talisman within it to draw down heavenly thunder from the sky, while the Soul Piercing Blade uses spiritual energy to trigger the flying blade talisman within it to turn it into a silent and invisible flying blade.

        What Ye Chen valued most was this silent and invisible blade.

        The reason why the Thunderbolt Order did not have a high profile was because this thing was too noisy.

        To Ye Chen, if he had refined the Soul Penetrating Blade, if he encountered the Four Battle Kings of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall again, he would not even need to kick a stone, he would be able to take his head from hundreds of metres away by silently pushing the Soul Penetrating Blade in his mind!