Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3728

Hong Wu has a strong reckless aura about him, and this reckless aura of his is normally not frightening in front of people who have really gone through life and death and great storms, and even makes people feel a bit ridiculous.

However, once he is in an environment that suits him, this reckless aura in him will explode into a very powerful deterrent.

At this moment, Hong Wu is standing in front of the iron cage in the dog farm, like an African hyena standing in the endless African savannah!

This is its home turf, and on its home turf, even the lion, the king of all beasts, would have its jugular tightened when it saw his ferocious appearance.

For this thing looks inconspicuous, but it really hits hard.

So what if it’s a lion, so what if it’s a hippopotamus, the African hyena is not afraid of anyone when it really gets tough, and it can play straight into the most ruthless and cruel tactics in the animal world like no one else.

The agents were not always in danger, or even captured, but this was a time of peace, when agents were usually caught in private political manoeuvres between countries, and those who were captured were not only not tortured, but also enjoyed better humanitarian treatment than ordinary prisoners.

However, they are now facing Hong Wu, what humanitarian treatment, what basic personality, bullsh*t will not be guaranteed to them.

When he said he would weld a hood to a person, he immediately welded a hood and locked his head in, which left no doubt that if they continued to provoke him, they were afraid that they would really be welded into his coffin.

Moreover, they had never been in a cell like this before in their lives.

Once in the cell, the cell door was welded shut directly from the outside ……

This is simply not even a f*cking thought.

At this moment, Hong Wu, coldly watching the iron door being completely welded shut, sneered and instructed the people around him, “Listen to me carefully, from now on, only give them one meal a day, the meal should be as low as possible in fat and carbohydrates, and every hour, give them a cold shower, torture them to the point of exhaustion, so that not only do they not have the physical strength to escape, but also the brain power to escape! not even the brain power to escape!”

The little brother immediately agreed in a loud voice, only for the group of agents to suddenly fall into the ice.

A cold shower every hour, now in April weather, would not kill anyone, but it was clearly designed to sap their strength and will, and at the same time interrupt the consistency of their rest.

In this way, even a man of iron would collapse if he could not even secure a basic sleep.

Chen Zekai spoke up at this time, “Hong Wu, you should follow Zhou Xingchi’s example and add some laxatives to the water for them.”

Hong Wu smiled heatedly, “Good idea, Mr. Chen!”

After saying that, he immediately turned to the little brother beside him and said, “You all heard what Mr. Chen said, get the laxative ready for me!”

The little brother nodded his head in a hurry, “Yes Master Five!”

Only then did Hong Wu ask Chen Zekai again, “Mr. Chen, are there more goods to be delivered later?”

“Yes.” Chen Zekai nodded, “I guess those people won’t stop there, they’ll definitely poke around in Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals to find out what’s going on, so we’ll catch as many as we can.”

Hong Wu smiled, “Good! Earlier I was afraid that the gang would not be able to manage too many people, but now it seems that there is no big problem in managing them.”

Hong Wu said with some concern, “Mr. Chen, what I’m worried about now is whether there will be any mistakes when we transport them out when there are more people, even if the cages are welded strong, they will have to be cut open when they are released.”