Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3702

Things are not going well for Junpei Nakamura at the moment, who has high hopes.

After settling down temporarily in Jinling, he has spent the last two days collecting environmental specimens of Jinling, the air, soil, floating dust and water sources have all been the subject of his research.

He even got some of the river water, lake water, tap water and even mountain spring water in Jinling and took turns to conduct various studies in the villa.

But as he studied and studied, he became increasingly convinced that not only was there nothing outstanding about the environment in Jinling, but that it was worse than Washington.

The rest of his team felt the same way.

Although Jinling is the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, it is not a very good environment.

The air is not as polluted, but it’s not much better, and it’s a typical river valley, surrounded by mountains on three sides and a river on the other, so the air is not too good.

In addition, the rapid pace of urbanisation and the large population will inevitably reduce the vegetation and greenery, and the pressure on the environment is also very high.

On the contrary, the United States has a population of more than 300 million, but the land area is not bad compared to China, and compared to China, it is also a typical wide area with a small population density, so the pressure on the environment is naturally less.

The United States, an old imperialist country, started to move heavy polluters to foreign countries decades ago, leaving other people’s homes in a pandemonium while their own are still green.

It was because the environment in Jinling was not as good as Washington’s in every respect that Nakamura could not understand how Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical could produce such an epoch-making medicine as the Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pill here.

Just as he was caught up in the confusion, he received a phone call from Rutgers.

As soon as the call came through, Rogers asked him, “Nakamura, have you made any progress with your research in Jinling?”

Nakamura Junpei was busy saying, “Mr Rogers, we have nothing definite for the moment, please give us a little more time!”

Rutgers blurted out, “Time is short now, you have to find a way to speed up the progress a little!”

Nakamura Junpei said somewhat feebly, “Mr. Rogers, we have analysed the environmental situation of Jinling in the past two days and found nothing special, we have ordered a batch of raw materials from a local herbal supplier and will proceed to try out the product in the next two days to see if there will be any breakthrough.”

Saying that, Nakamura Junpei added, “I’m planning to visit the vicinity of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical tomorrow and try to extract some environmental samples to analyse back.”

“Good.” Rutgers instructed, “Make sure to speed things up, I’ll enlist an official plane for you in advance, and once you have the samples out there, have someone bring them back to Washington immediately!”



After Ye Chen fixed the details of the Spring Return Pill auction with Richard Chen and Song Wanting, he asked Richard Chen to drive himself back to Townsend One.

On the way back, Wei Liang called Ye Chen and respectfully reported, “Master Ye, to report to you, in the last two days, there have been many expatriates wanting to meet with me.”

Ye Chen smiled and asked him, “What kind of people are they?”

Wei Liang explained, “Some of them are representatives from various countries and major pharmaceutical companies, they want to talk to us about the introduction of drugs, or cooperation with drug agents. ”

Saying that, Wei Liang added: “At present, there are nearly a hundred countries that want to introduce the Jiu Xuan Recycle Pill, and there are more than thirty that have sent their representatives to Jinling.”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and spoke, “All those who approached you about introducing or acting as agents, all of them should be rejected directly. As for those rich people who want to buy the medicine privately, you tell us that we will not open this mouth for the time being.”

Wei Liang added: “Right, Master Ye, Smith from the United States also called, saying that the FDA wants to purchase another batch of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills at the previous price, or the price can go up a bit, do you think we can give them back?”

Ye Chen sneered, “The FDA wants to purchase the Jiu Xuan Recycle Pills, I’m afraid that their reverse R&D has hit a bottleneck.”

Saying that, Ye Chen instructed, “Wei Liang, from now on, except for the batch of Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills given to domestic patients for free, the rest are all sealed up, no matter how much money you give, you will not sell them, not even one.”

Wei Liang immediately said, “Okay Master Ye, then I will reply to them one by one.”