Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3700

When Song Wanting heard Ye Chen say that the publicity and registration for the Spring Return Pill auction would be launched tomorrow, she hurriedly said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, I have selected three candidate auctioneers for the auction, do you want to go through and screen them first?”

Ye Chen nodded and smiled, “Good, auctioneers are still very important to an auction, they must be chosen carefully.”

Song Wanting hastily took out her mobile phone and fished out several videos from the album, playing them one by one for Ye Chen, while introducing them, “Master Ye, these three auctioneers are all very senior auctioneers from Jiqing Hall, although their qualifications and experience are not as good as those of Christie’s or Sotheby’s, but they are definitely the best in Jinling.”

Ye Chen patiently watched the three videos shown by Song Wanting. The three candidate auctioneers, two women and one man, were all around forty years old, and their image, temperament, mannerisms and even voice could be considered medium to high, so any one of them should be able to do the job.

However, Ye Chen always felt that something was missing in all three of them.

After taking a look at Song Wanting in front of him, Ye Chen realised what the three were missing.

What they were missing was the air of a lady of the house and a dignified and beautiful woman in Song Wanting’s body.

As Song Wanting’s old friend, Ye Chen had always appreciated Song Wanting’s temperament.

Although Song Wanting was not a young lady from a top family, she was by no means inferior to any top celebrities in terms of her personal temperament.

If she could be the auctioneer for this auction, she would definitely be the most suitable candidate, bar none.

Thus, Ye Chen said to Song Wanting, “Wanting, in my opinion, this auctioneer, there is no one more suitable than you!”

“Me?” Song Wanting said a little nervously all of a sudden, “Master Ye, I’ve never been an auctioneer before ……”

Ye Chen laughed: “It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done it before, anyway, there are still at least almost twenty days before the auction, you can totally practice your auctioneer words and skills unannounced.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Wanting, there is no second person in the whole of Jinling who is more suitable than you, and you are the head of the Song family, if you are the auctioneer for this auction, it will also allow the Song family to leave a deep impression on those top power elites who are present, and it will definitely be beneficial to the future development of the Song family rather than harmful.”

Song Wanting hesitated for a moment, nodded gently and said offhandedly, “Since Master Ye has said so, then I will give it a try!”

After saying this, Song Wanting remembered something and asked, “Master Ye, will you be there when the time comes? Such a big bid, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to control it well when the time comes ……”

Ye Chen smiled, “I will be in the monitoring room watching the live broadcast in real time, on the day of the auction you will be equipped with a headset, I will communicate with you directly through the headset if there is anything.”

Song Wanting breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, “Then I’m relieved!”


At this very moment.

Washington, United States of America.

At the research centre provided by the military, multiple teams were still trying with all their might to attack the formula of the Jiu Xuan Recycle Pill using various metaphysical methods.

However, no matter how they tried, the pills that were created had no curative effect on the cancer cells.

Although only a few days had pa*sed, Smith and Rogers were already losing their patience.

With little success in reverse development, Rutgers received a special order from the highest level, brought by the White House envoy.

The order required Rutgers to produce ten boxes of Jiu Xuan Zhen Zhen Pills and hand them over to the White House envoy to be kept in the name of the highest level strategic materials, along with the nuclear bomb safe.

This put Rutgers in an extremely difficult position.

Smith had brought back a total of twenty boxes and one hundred and forty pills.