Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3694

When the news of Badr’s death was confirmed, public opinion around the world was in an uproar!

No one expected that Badr would die so suddenly!

Only yesterday, Badr had vowed to take vengeance on the Isu Shipping Line and at the same time get the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple out of the Gulf of Aden.

Just when many people thought that it would take a long time for the Dragon Palace to establish its authority in the Gulf of Aden, and they were all sweating for the Isuzu Line, Badr died in his own base that night!

Moreover, all the speedboats under his command exploded, along with the storage tanks at the base, leaving the entire base in a shambles.

Although the series of explosions did not bring a large number of casualties to the pirate organisation, it did cost them all their ships overnight.

For this pirate organisation, it was an absolute annihilation!

Without their speedboats, they have completely lost the ability to be pirates.

Although the Dragon Palace has not publicly admitted that they were responsible for the incident, this video was posted by the same account as the previous video of the Dragon Palace “releasing” six pirates at sea.

So the world’s internet users didn’t have to guess that Badr had definitely been killed by the Temple of Ten Thousand Dragons.

In an instant, the fame of the Temple of the Ten Thousand Dragons reached its peak worldwide.

For many years, people had only been expelling pirates from the Gulf of Aden, but this was the first time that the Dragon Palace had gone directly to a pirate stronghold and taken out the pirate leader.

The world’s internet users were blown away by the fact that the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons was so uncompromising and uncompromising that the internet was flooded with praise for the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons!

Today, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall has become a universal hero!

On the internet, discussions about the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple have become a popular topic on major websites.

Almost all the media outlets that could be named were positive about what they had done, even though it was somehow unlawful, because the pirates had done so much evil that even the media stopped thinking about the law.

The death of Badr also scared the hell out of all the pirate groups in the Gulf of Aden.

In the past, when they went out to plunder, they fought if they could, and ran if they couldn’t. Even if they were caught, they were sure to be released.

Moreover, no armed force had ever attacked their base camp.

For the pirate leader, all he had to do was send out his men and speedboats, and he could lie back and make money in peace and security at his base camp.

But now, such days are gone.

As soon as the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple entered the Gulf of Aden, it completely turned their previous playbook and rules upside down.

At the drop of a hat, they just went straight to their base camp and killed the pirate leaders, and blew up all the ships in the process, a way of playing to the death that made all the pirate leaders scared.

Anyone who is worried that one day they too will end their lives in their sleep by the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons.

Moreover, the Dragon Palace is so strong that they cannot even defend themselves against it.

What’s more, the Temple’s headquarters are not in the Gulf of Aden, so they can only be pa*sive in front of the Temple, and they don’t even have the strength to take the initiative.

The entire Gulf of Aden pirate organisation was in a state of panic.