Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3689

Ye Chen did not think twice and said, “Of course! Not only should we carry out the beheading as soon as possible, but we must do it cleanly and beautifully!”

After receiving Ye Chen’s approval, Wan Bajun immediately said, “Then I will have Chen Zhonglei lead a few five-star war generals to sneak in tonight and directly finish off that Badr!”

Chen Zhonglei’s strength in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was second only to Wan Bajun’s, so it would naturally be extremely easy to a*sa*sinate a pirate leader with him leading the team.

Then, Ye Chen spoke, “After finishing him off, Wan Long Temple will immediately announce to the public that this beheading operation is to maintain the safety of the Gulf of Aden shipping route, and if the pirates in the Gulf of Aden area continue to work against Wan Long Temple, Wan Long Temple will reserve the right to resolve all threats by force.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added: “Now all the ship owners as well as shipping companies around the world are watching this conflict between Wan Long Temple and Badr, you must make all the ship owners and shipping companies trust Wan Long Temple immensely through this matter, and also make those pirate organisations understand one thing, if they dare to go against Wan Long Temple, then they will only have a death sentence! Our ultimate goal is that no pirates will dare to get their hands on any cargo ships that are escorted by the Dragon Palace, so that the Dragon Palace can achieve absolute dominance in this field of armed escort.”

Wan Bajun was busy asking, “Mr. Ye, if this is the case, all these pirates will no longer have a way to make money, and I am afraid that they will fight us to the death. Wan Long Hall is not afraid of these shrimp soldiers, but if they really take extreme measures to retaliate against the merchant ships, I am afraid that they will cause other losses.”

Ye Chen laughed, “So what we want to be in the future is the overlord of armed escorts, not the monopolist of this industry.”

“The Suez Canal has an annual cargo ship pa*sage of 20,000 ships or less, with a few hundred thousand dollars for a trip of escort, the market for armed escorts along the Gulf of Aden alone is tens of billions of dollars a year, such a large market, we can’t eat it all.”

“So, you have to make it clear to these ship owners as well as shipping companies when the time comes, Wan Long Temple can only cover at most 50% of the overall escort demand in the Gulf of Aden, which means that of the 20,000 cargo ships in this year, Wan Long Temple will only eat half of them, and will not take on the remaining extra one.”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen smiled faintly and continued, “As for who this 10,000 ships a year quota will go to, when the time comes, let them bid for it themselves, if the previous price was US$500,000 a time, then with such a large gold content of the Ten Thousand Dragon Palace’s escort, it would be at least US$700,000 to US$800,000 a time to justify it.”

“If the bidding is successful, naturally the Ten Thousand Dragon Palace will escort the ship, if the bidding is not successful, then they will have to go to other escort companies, in this way, the Ten Thousand Dragon Palace is considered to have left a mouthful of rice for those pirates, as long as they don’t come looking for trouble with the Ten Thousand Dragon Palace, the remaining 10,000 cargo ships, how they rob them is their business.”

Ye Chen had allowed the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall to be an armed escort, firstly, to clear their name, and secondly, to allow the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall to continue making profits through proper channels.

Therefore, the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall was not obliged to wipe out all the pirates in the entire Gulf of Aden.

Moreover, due to the special geographical location and political environment of the Gulf of Aden, it was also impossible for the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple to attack any pirate organisation in a big way, and the best way to use it was a decapitation operation, which could only form a strong deterrent to pirate organisations, but it was impossible to completely crush them.

In Ye Chen’s view, the most favourable situation for the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple was to make all pirates fearful of the Temple through great strength and a strong hand, and then turn their attention to the other half of the cargo ship.

In this way, not only will the cost of escorting the ships be greatly reduced, but the fees for escorting the ships will also rise amidst competition from the major shipping companies.

At the same time, although those pirates did not dare to provoke the Wan Long Temple, they could still have a mouth to feed after avoiding it, which would not push them to the point of fighting for their lives with the Wan Long Temple.

Wan Bajun also immediately understood Ye Chen’s meaning and said respectfully, “I understand Mr. Ye, after we settle Badr tonight, I will send someone to talk to these pirate groups, as long as they don’t go against the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, they will be given a way out, otherwise, they will be killed!”