Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3686

The Wan Long Temple’s junior captain said with a serious face, “What kind of words are you talking about? You came here to rob the cargo ship we were escorting, and we didn’t kill you, we even gave you a lifeboat, and you’re saying that I’m intent on getting you killed? You don’t even think about it, even if we sold you six scum, you wouldn’t be worth this lifeboat!”

The pirate cried out angrily, “Then be a good man and at least leave an engine so we can drive back to base!”

The young captain laughed and said, “It’s okay, I see this your base, it’s only a hundred nautical miles, row and row and row, just go back.”

“Paddle back ……” the pirate broke down and cried out in protest, “Even if we do paddle back, it will take at least a few days! We have no food or water, how can we get back alive ……”

The young captain asked with a surprised look on his face, “Aren’t you pirates? The pirates are still afraid of running out of food and water at sea? There are so many merchant ships coming and going in the Gulf of Aden, so if you lack anything, just go ahead and grab it!”

Hearing this, the pirates’ faces were full of despair.

Their weapons had all been seized, and they had lost a rope to climb the ship.

At that moment, the captain of the Dragon Palace said, “All right, it’s getting late, it’s time to get going.”

With that, he ordered his subordinates around him, “Release the lifeboats!”

His subordinates immediately activated the lift and the lifeboats began to descend slowly from the side of the ship.

The pirates were no longer as arrogant as they had been, and they were all crying as if they were dying.

The leader of the group saw the lifeboats being lowered continuously and shouted in fear: “Brother, give us some fresh water …… or we really can’t hold on ……”

The young captain leaned over the boat’s side fence and said with a grin, “I think it’s more realistic for you to pray to God to give you a rain.”

The man looked around at the sky, the entire sky over the Gulf of Aden could be described as clear blue sea and cloudless, at this rate, there might not be rain for a week.

At that moment, the captain pulled out a pistol from his waist and fired several shots with great precision, hitting the rope dangling from the lifeboat.

Immediately afterwards, the rope snapped and the lifeboat plummeted several metres over the side of the ship, crashing to the surface.

The six men screamed like mad as the lifeboat crashed heavily into the sea with a loud bang, and the bullet holes that had been pierced by the gun spewed out a straight column of water due to the pressure.

The six men were also thrown to the ground and some even fell into the sea.

Some of them fell into the sea and never came back up, while the remaining men on board, after desperately trying to steady the ship, began to desperately splash water outwards with their hands, and some even used their hands and feet to try to plug the twenty or so bullet holes in the bottom of the ship.

At this point, the junior captain of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple remembered something and asked the subordinate beside him, “Oh yes, there are no life jackets in the boat, are there?”

The other party replied, “Don’t worry, Captain, there are life jackets, but they are all poked and prodded in advance, and they can’t blow up even if they are exhausted.”

As for the compressed biscuits, we did leave some for them, but the more they eat, the thirstier they get, so I guess it’s better to have them than not.”

The captain gave a thumbs up and exclaimed, “Well done!”

As soon as the men in the lifeboat saw that there was no hope of plugging the leak, the leader of the group shouted, “Look for the emergency kit! There must be an emergency box in a lifeboat like this! There might be life jackets, food and water!”

Immediately, the group found the emergency box hidden under the deck from the stern of the lifeboat.