Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 3635

So, in his mind he was also asking himself, “That Chinese guy seems to be right, why did he go to the trouble of flying halfway around the world and spending $50,000 to come and talk a bunch of sh*t to me?”


After a moment’s hesitation, he turned back sharply.


Seeing that the PR man was about to take the bin away, he snapped, “Don’t move! Put the bin down!”


Surprised, the PR man asked, “Mr Smith …… you …… what’s wrong with you?”


Smith strides up to him and snatches the bin out of his hand, then takes the box of Jiu Xuan Zhen Zhen Zhen Pills out and turns around and leaves the restaurant with the box of pills.


At this moment, outside the restaurant, there was no longer any trace of Wei Liang.


Just a minute earlier, Wei Liang had already gotten a taxi and headed to the hotel he had already booked in downtown Washington.


He knew in his heart that a person as stubborn as Smith was, the odds were that he would not be able to take it down.


Therefore, he had to hurry up and think of a way to implement Ye Chen’s 2nd plan.


That was to find a way to find a celebrity who was a household name in America, and it had to be one who was already suffering from cancer.


In the taxi to the hotel, he had already started searching for relevant information on his mobile phone, hoping to find the most suitable person to test the drug on.


While looking, he was still feeling indignant about Smith’s attitude just now, and couldn’t help but complain in a low voice under his breath, “This person really has eyes without pearls already, he doesn’t even believe in the divine medicine made by Master Ye himself, I flew more than 10,000 kilometres to bring you a creation that many people have dreamed of for a long time, but you didn’t want it, I really don’t know what kind of regret you will have in the future ……”


At the same time, James Smith had also gotten into his car. He did not rush to start the car right away, but held the Jiu Xuan Zhen Zhen Pills in his hand and examined them repeatedly.


He found a plastic pill board inside, and through the transparent material, he could see seven black and round pills inside.


He subconsciously plucked one of the pills out of the plastic sheet, and the moment the foil was removed, a strong scent of herbs burst out of it.


Smith was startled by the aroma, but his first thought was a controlled mutter: “Such a heavy aroma, could there be fragrance or aromatic substances added to this?”


Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but be a little disappointed, sighed, put the medicine on the pa*senger side and drove to the hospital.


When he arrived at the hospital, her wife was sitting outside the ICU ward in tears, and through the huge gla*s window, he could see his son lying in a hospital bed with tubes all over his body.


When his youngest daughter, aged eight, saw him return, she hugged her and asked, “Daddy, is my brother going to die?”


Smith hastily rea*sured, “Don’t think about it, your brother is not going to die.”


As he said this, he couldn’t control his own sour nose.


Immediately afterwards, he realised that his son, who was in the ward, was on a ventilator.


Although his son’s condition was relatively serious, there were no major problems with his respiratory system, so it was not serious enough to require a ventilator.


Moreover, when he had just left, his son had collapsed a little because of his deafness and the doctor had given him a little safe measure of sedation and he had fallen asleep before he left himself, so he did not understand why the child had to be put on a ventilator while he was asleep.


So he hurriedly asked his wife, “Jenny, why is Jimmy on a ventilator?”


His wife, Jenny Smith, choked up, “The doctor said his body was declining fast and his blood oxygen was showing a drop, that’s why he was on the ventilator.”


Saying that, she lost some control and said through tears, “James …… the doctor said that Jimmy might not have much time left ……”