Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 6016

Antonio gave full play to his status as the underground emperor of New York, and all the gang leaders that he notified were not rushing in with their bums on the ground and their glee.

However, no one could have expected, waiting for them in Chinatown, but tied up plus a smelly rag stuffed in the mouth, and then finally with a bunch of brother units of the first hand, the second in command together, holding the head squatting in the corner of the first floor of the Roasted Goose restaurant.

With the arrival of more and more people, Antonio heart more and more panic.

Taking advantage of the fact that the previous wave of people had just been brought to the first floor and the next wave of people had not yet arrived, he could not help but ask Ye Chen pitifully: ”Mr. Ye …… These gang bosses have all been tricked by me into going to Syria, I alone am considered to have sold all the gang bosses in the whole of New York, and when we all turn back and arrive in Syria, if they team up to beat me, I won’t just die there right ……”

Ye Chen smiled and asked him, “Then what do you think should be done?”

Antonio swallowed and said carefully, “Look at me, I’m so co-operative, why don’t you leave me in New York to saddle up for you and that strong boy ……”

Ye Chen asked rhetorically, “If you stay in New York, you’re not afraid of people seeking revenge on you? You tricked all these gang leaders into going to Syria, do you guess if their families will come after you to fight for their lives?”

The corner of Antonio’s mouth twitched, and he tentatively asked, “Mr Ye, why don’t you simply let me go back to Sicily ……”

Ye Chen patted his shoulder and faintly said, “Alright Antonio, don’t fucking dream, your Sicilian good men are all over Europe and the United States, it’s just that no one has gone to Syria to establish a career, why don’t you just go there on behalf of the Sicilian people, and it’s considered to be fighting for the glory of the Sicilian people;”

“In addition, as for your safety, you do not have to worry, you have to go to the place although it is backward a little, but at least it is also the place of the rule of law, the main fight a who hit who get beaten, who kills who pay for their lives, upstairs those people, who if you really kill you, my old friend Commander Hamid will certainly avenge for you, unlike New York, you killed so many people, New York can still let you keep getting away with it, leave you in New York and you’re sure you won’t live more than a week.”

Antonio saw that Ye Chen was ironclad, not giving himself any slack at all, his heart was already dead.

However, Ye Chen’s words also gave him a little bit of comfort that was better than nothing, it felt like everyone was squatting in prison together, at least there were prison guards and wardens to deter everyone, so that everyone did not dare to be too reckless.

Only, this time he really offended these people upstairs to death, in the future, even if there is still a chance to go back to New York, I’m afraid that there is not much of a good life.

Continuously tying people up until the early morning hours.

Those gang bosses who came after the Burning Angel, before they could understand what was going on, they were directly tied up into a big crab, their mouths were also blocked to death, and there was no chance to ask for an explanation, and up to now they don’t know why Antonio Zano, the boss, the pride of Sicily, and the famous Antonio Zano, whom they have always trusted, tricked them into tying them up here.

And Ye Chen did not talk nonsense with them, people directly tied up and thrown upstairs, let the strong boy staring, who dared to move, dare to struggle, dare to make a sound that should not have, directly a pot of boiling water on the crotch.

Boiling water on the crotch sounds like cruelty, but with these gangs big brothers compared to the means, or to be far from it.

However, this method is surprisingly effective, a pot of boiling water in front, dozens of murderous gang bosses froze, no one dared to make a mistake.

By early morning, Wan Baojun took more than ten generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Palace and hurriedly arrived in New York on a Concorde airliner.