Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 3772

As soon as they heard Ye Chen say that he wanted to keep the car, Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan were so excited that they almost burst into tears!

Especially Ma Lan, who kept clapping her hands in excitement, then scolded Xiao Changkun, “Xiao Changkun! Why don’t you open the car door and let me in! I’ve never been in a Rolls Royce in all my years of life!”

Xiao Changkun was also in a very good mood, so he hastily took out the car keys and pressed the unlock button, then he pulled open the pa*senger door and said to Ma Lan solicitously, “Come, come, have a seat, I’ll show you what a Rolls-Royce Star Top is!”

Ma Lan was surprised and asked, “What is a star roof?”

Xiao Changkun waved his hand and said, “Aiya, you’ll know if you go in and take a look!”

Ma Lan hurriedly climbed into the pa*senger side of the Rolls Royce, looked up and exclaimed, “My goodness, there are so many stars inside this car!”

Xiao Changkun heatedly smiled, “Pay attention, there’s a shooting star pa*sing by every now and then!”

Ma Lan looked mesmerised and murmured, “Oh my God, it’s so beautiful! Why don’t I just sleep in the car tonight?”

After that, she suddenly sat up straight and said to Xiao Changkun, “Get in the car and take me out for a drive!”

Xiao Changkun had just driven all the way home from the Calligraphy and Painting a*sociation and hadn’t had enough of the car, so he was thinking of going out again later to have a good experience, but he didn’t expect Ma Lan to be the first to ask for it.

So he agreed without a second thought, laughing repeatedly, “Fine, fine, then I’ll take you out for a few laps!”

After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen and Xiao Churan and said offhandedly, “Churan, Ye Chen, you two should come up too, let’s go out and have a look around!”

Ye Chen shook his head, “Dad, we won’t go, you two go ahead, I won’t disturb you two.”

Xiao Churan also spoke, “Dad, you guys go, Ye Chen and I still have something to talk about.”

When Xiao Changkun heard this, he no longer insisted and said with a smile, “Then I’ll go out with your mother first, call me if you need anything.”

After saying that, he immediately got into the cab and pressed the start button of the car.

The 12-cylinder engine of the Rolls-Royce suddenly emitted a low roar, and Xiao Changkun asked Ma Lan, “Where are we going?”

Ma Lan blurted out, “First, we’re going to your mother’s house!”

“My mother?!” Xiao Changkun said awkwardly, “Isn’t that just next door?”

“Right!” Ma Lan laughed coldly, “I’m going to drive the car downstairs to your mother’s house, so that they can see clearly that I’m also a Rolls Royce rider! They don’t know where they got the money from before, they bought a Bentley and it’s not him, this time they have to give them a good eyeful!”

Xiao Changkun hurriedly placated, “Come on, my mum is having a miserable enough time now, why are you still stimulating her ……”

“She’s miserable?” Ma Lan cursed furiously, “How can she be worse off than me? My leg was broken for the first time because of her, have you forgotten? Do you want me to tell you what happened at that time from beginning to end again, so that you won’t turn around and forget again, you heartless b*****d.”

Xiao Changkun coughed twice and said helplessly, “OK, OK, OK, can’t we go?”

After saying that, he started the car and drove out of the courtyard.

Only then did Xiao Churan let out a long sigh and said to Ye Chen, “Honey, do you really plan to keep this car?”

Ye Chen nodded and said casually, “Mom and dad like it, so let them drive it for fun.”

Xiao Churan was busy saying, “It’s not appropriate for them to go out in this car …… it’s too ostentatious ……”

Ye Chen laughed: “If we give them this opportunity to flaunt it, all their hormones and energy will be vented externally, but if we don’t give them this opportunity to flaunt it, then all their hormones and energy will evolve into a wave of resentment, and probably in the next year or two, or even longer, as soon as we return to this house, they will sigh at us and complain that we didn’t leave this car behind, instead of that, it would be better to take it painfully and leave them satisfied.”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen looked at Xiao Churan with a faint smile, raised his eyebrows and asked, “What do you think, wife?”